Insert the Coles annoying jingle here…

Down down, weight’s going down…  Ghods, I hate that jingle – except where it refers to me and my weight, that is! 🙂

128.9kg this morning! 😀 I’ve broken through the 129kg barrier!  I’d say “onwards and upwards”, but ummm… that might give the gremlins and all the powers that be, the wrong impression…  so, “onwards and downwards” shall be my catch cry from now on… 🙂 (closes eyes, crosses fingers, touches wood, and prays very hard to any gremlins or powers that be that might be listening: “please don’t let me go back up again tomorrow!”)

Do you think I’m getting paranoid? :/

My eldest daughter came over today for a visit – and we watched tapes of “Person of Interest” until the Podiatrist arrived to “do” our feet.  I was not pleased to be told that I have yet another infection under the toenail of my big toenail on my left foot.  It’s been in strife since I went to one of those “Spa” type places over a year ago and an over-enthusiastic young lady dug down a little too far under the toenail and damaged the nail bed which then got very nastily infected and the doctor was talking about removing the nail – luckily she didn’t have to, in the end 🙂 After over a year it’s been slowly (oh, sooo  s-l-o-w-l-y) getting better… Or so I thought.  It had almost (almost) grown all the way back on the nail bed… Now most of it has  had to be cut off so that the infection can drain properly and heal, and… I’m displeased…

But… all my clothes are getting too big for me!  Isn’t that fantastic!? 😀

More tomorrow night, as usual…

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