Misery, they name be Winter…

Well, I’m not really miserable… dejected, maybe… disgruntled? most certainly.  I neither went up nor down this morning – steady as she goes on 129.7kg.  I did buy some celery capsules though, and willy or nilly will start taking them tomorrow… I have my next Warfarin blood test on Thursday and it’ll be written on my form that I’m taking the celery and no doubt the good people at the Dorevitch Warfarin department will adjust my rat poison dosage accordingly.

I hope, anyway… but if I bleed to death at least you’ll know why. :/

Oh, went to the hairdresser today – I badly needed a cut and re-colour, and as usual, they did a sterling job.  It looks a lot more natural than the last re-colour I had done about six months (or more) ago elsewhere, so I do have something to be pleased about.  Now, if only I could go down to, say… 128.5kg, I’d be ecstatic – not gunna happen of course, but one can dream… 🙂

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