Most disappointed….

Most disappointed today… my weight went up to 129.5kg, 😦 the same as it was last Thursday…  😦 It’s probably just fluid retention, but I can’t take anything for it – not even celery – because I’m on Warfarin  😦 (and celery contains too much vitamin K, you see)

Sometimes I feel as though I’m banging my head against a brick wall 😦

Ah well, maybe tomorrow will be better … :/

Julian brought home a whole heap of big boxes that we’ve had in storage since we moved in here…  in 2007!!  We have no idea what’s in them, and yes, I know the old adage “Pack your old stuff up and store it for six months – if you haven’t missed it lying around during that time then you really don’t need it any more”  But the thing is, there are some fairly valuable antiques in there – somewhere – and a bit of jewellery that I’m rather fond of – and yes, I do miss it!  So… fun and games discovering lost treasures and a lot of lost junk over the next couple of days (if he doesn’t get too busy with [censored] Body Corporate work!

Back with more tomorrow, unless my weight goes up some more, in which case I’ll most likely be in the local mental hospital from banging my head on that brick wall I mentioned earlier…

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