Much more betterer….

Well, today went much more betterer…if I didn’t quite get my dream 128.5kg, I got a lot closer than I thought I would…  129.2kg!   And that’s probably only because I missed out on my (314kj) morning tea yesterday because I was at the hairdresser!  So I’ll most likely be back up again tomorrow 😦

Speaking of which (the 314kj morning tea, that is), while I can’t tell you exactly what my diet/weekly menu is (it’s one of those “don’t try this at home” things – it’s probably quite unhealthy for the man or woman on the street, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I have a lot of people hovering over me to make sure I don’t come to any harm)  So… I can tell you that I average about 3753kj/897cal per day.  I get a really nice breakfast (Uncle Toby’s Vita Brits with extra bran, half a sliced banana, and 200ml of skim milk), I get morning and afternoon tea, I get a nice lunch, soup for dinner, and a dessert of diet jelly and my choice of 314kj of certain fruits.  Yes it’s bland… yes, it’s boring… but it’s not forever, so I can put up with it for as long as it takes….

As well as show those really wonderful and well meaning – but occasionally terribly thick doctors – that I can bloody well do it on my own! 😛

More tomorrow… hopefully with more good news….  🙂

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