All’s well…. hopefully…

Well, I’m still here – so far.  Nothing disappeared, and I went back down to 129.5kg this morning (*phew*).  I’m still trying to work out the best way of setting out my new style menu (I’m a bit like that with “setting things out in a way to make them look pretty” – and if pretty isn’t possible (let’s face it – that’s a hard thing to do with something as boring as a table!), then at least neat and well presented 😛 (and with pretty colours, of course! 😉 )

So what else to add?  Julian and I had our usual “Sunday in Telara” (Rift…), both of us going up a couple of levels… and we watched Dr. Who this evening… and now here I am, adding this – hopefully it’ll behave itself again tonight…

More later  🙂

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