Rien ne va plus…

I’m writing this early tonight as the Rift server seems to be… [CENSORED] out of action, so I can’t even check my auctions or retrieve my daily Patron’s package.  Not Happy, Jan!  So anyway, remember how I said last night that my weight would probably go up again (after having broken the 130kg barrier), and would anyone like to make a bet on it?  This morning’s weigh-in went neither up, nor down… my little graph line went straight across – no change, still 129.7kg (or whatever it was…)  Still, at least I didn’t go back up… I think my body is trying to lull me into a false sense of security, and it’s tomorrow that I’ll go back up. :-/  We’ll see…

Only a few foot exercises today – tomorrow we start in earnest (*gulp*)… Still, the new ones are easy enough and can be done leaning against the bathroom bench (sort of standing and leaning against the edge of the bench doing pushup type thingies), and “pull forward” arm exercises using what looks like an extra long piece of red balloon material (rubber?) wrapped around the back of my chair… and various other pretzel stretching work-outs and posture correcting contortions.

More tomorrow night…

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