I’m b-a-a-c-k! :-)

Well, here I am again, to report on my “progress”…  Weighed in this morning at 129.7 k!! 😀 I’ve broken the 130k barrier!! (having said that this evening, who wants to bet that I’ll be back to 130.something k’s tomorrow morning!?) …and I’m still not hungry – put that in your pipes and smoke it, everyone who tried to tell me that I couldn’t do it (lose weight consistently and safely) without bariatric surgery! 😛

And the dreaded exercise program… I’ve had a few exercises taken off the program as they hurt my knees too much, and a few more put on – but all easy – for me, anyway.  So with a little bit of prodding by Julian I may be more inclined to actually do them every day… well l l l , maybe every day or so (hope he’s not reading this over my shoulder!)  Anyway, more news as it comes to hand… (now I have to work towards breaking the 120k barrier!)


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