The evening after the night before…

Well, here I am again, after something made a right mess-up of my post last night – I dunno, I wrote it, I edited and spell checked it, I saved a draft copy, and I hit the “Publish” button…  And everything disappeared!  😦  Everything!  😦  Totally!  😦  Gone!  😦  Couldn’t find the Dashboard to see what, if anything, I’d done wrong; trying to get here from the “My Blogs” page didn’t work – all that was left of this entire site was the background colour of my Theme!  Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again tonight.  I eventually got it back by changing my Theme, would you believe… work that one out!  As I was still logged in, I was able to access the Theme page from WordPress central (for want of a better term!)  As it later turned out, it seems I was writing at the same time that WordPress was doing a software update of some sort.  If I’d known at the time, I wouldn’t have had such a fit of the vapours, and just been a trifle more patient, instead of this:

In trying to get things back to normal, we (my technically minded husband and totally non-technically minded self), somehow we managed to screw things up this end and my Windowblinds skin went haywire too, *sigh* and totally screwed up my setup.  I had to change that skin/theme, too! (and the one I had been using, perfectly happily, for the last week and a half still doesn’t behave properly, so until I can figure out what went wrong with it (some of the text is the wrong size) I can’t use it any more  😦 )  And the icing on the cake (and what had started the whole sad train of events off in the first place!) was that I couldn’t even log into Rift to collect my nightly Patron package or check my auctions!  I was one very disgruntled and unhappy little Vegemite!  I was ready to swear off all things even vaguely computerish for life – but if I did that, how would I be able to choose and get my kindle ebooks from Amazon?!

So I decided to put up with it all until they invented a new way of selecting new ebooks from Amazon.

Anyway, back to the whole reason for these posts of mine – my weight!  Weigh-in this morning found me a little lighter at 129.5kg.  Who knows what the morrow may bring? Hopefully a lower weight…


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