Yet Another Attempt…

Well, here’s yet another attempt to start a blog.  Why is it that I can never seem to do anything with any blog wot I start?  Maybe I’m not as narcissistic as just about everyone seems to be these days – I mean, taking naked pictures of oneself and keeping them on Cloud?  That’s just begging, on bended knees, to be noticed and leaked to the world, and if that isn’t narcissistic, I don’t know what is.  Seriously though, I do have a narcissistic streak in me (doesn’t everyone?), but I was brought up “think of others before myself” (didn’t work!) – or maybe it’s just that I don’t really think I’d be of interest to anyone except maybe my immediate family..  Oh well, as I said, here goes again for another attempt.

The thing is, I have to lose a lot of weight in a very short time, so it might be of some small interest to others in the same boat to see how I’m going with it all.

Many doctors (many!) have told me that I should seriously consider bariatric surgery – a lap band, or perhaps even succumbing to having two thirds of my stomach removed, permanently!  In vain do I tell them “but I don’t eat very much”, and that “but I don’t have much of an appetite, even at the best of times.” And surely, even in the most extreme cases of obesity, shouldn’t surgery be a last resort, when all else has failed, and not the first?  What I don’t tell them (and perhaps I should have) is that if there’s food around that I like, I’ll eat it. Not because I’m hungry, but simply because it’s there.  So…. here I am determined to lose 30k or more by the end of the year.

I’m going the Optifast way – not the Intensive Phase (apparently that requires a fair bit of medical supervision), and not quite the Transition Phase either – on that I’d be replacing two meals a day with Optifast, which I’m not, really.  Not yet, anyway.  I started on August 18th (2014), and It’s a pretty boring menu with between 3454 kilojoules/826 calories per day, but I haven’t felt hungry yet… So far I’ve shed 3 kilos… it’s not as fast as I’d like it to be, but that’s without exercising at all – I’m riddled with arthritis and can’t walk more than a room or two at a time before I’m doubled over with pain, and I need a wheelchair when I go out anywhere.  I’m supposed to be starting on an exercise program, but I’m too lazy (guilt, guilt, guilt)  I’ll try and do better from now on, but it really hurts my joints…

More tomorrow when (a) I’ve weighed myself, and (b) after I get back from my exercise class…

One thought on “Yet Another Attempt…

  1. If someone breaks into your house and steals your phat lewt, then clearly you were asking for them to take your phat lewt because your locks weren’t adequate to keep them out.

    If the files were on their home PCs and someone hacked into them through their wireless networking, would you still say the same? That they were asking for it? (Given that the vast majority of the population of human beings on this planet with computers/internet access do not have a Mr Woolie to see to their security needs.)

    The iCloud is *supposed* to be secure, just as your home network is supposed to be secure – except you personally only manage the latter.

    Don’t blame the victims, they did nothing wrong, they weren’t asking for anything… Except maybe that their privacy be respected.


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