Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.30

So I’m starting to write a bit earlier tonight – wanna bet that I still won’t get this finished before my pre-dinner Stair Walk? 🙂 Oh well… it gets done in the end… Today was a “bitty” sort of day – I got some Rifting in after breakfast, but we had to leave around 11 o’clock for the first of our two Optometrist’s appointments – and we didn’t get home until after 1 o’clock. Acuity, the Optometrist we go to, is sort-of around the corner (so to speak) so it’s very handy. It’s on the ground floor of the Manningham Medical Centre – right across the road from Macedon Plaza, where himself often goes shopping because it’s easier to park there than it is across the road! (mind you, when he goes shopping over the road without me, he usually walks across!) Anyway, we both needed new glasses – my eyes have changed a fair bit (no wonder I can’t see the screen properly with these glasses! It’s a wonder I can see it at all! – welll… they’re not quite that bad, but they’re still bad enough that I need new glasses!) I need new “walk around” glasses too, so that’s two new pairs for me – and two new frames! I’ll get the lenses in my current glasses changed over when I get the new pairs. Himself needs three new pairs of glasses! (three!?! Spoilt brat! 😉 ) mainly because his “all the time” glasses are totally broken, as I mentioned last night – but they only fell apart three times while we were at the Optometrist – a minor miracle! 😉 He also needs a pair of driving glasses, and a pair of reading glasses (I take my glasses off to read!) His should be ready next week. Mine are special! (*preens self*) They’ll take up to three weeks, because they’re a more complex prescription or something – or so I’m told. After we’d finished there, we came home for a late-ish lunch. I belted up in the lift first so that I could shed my shoes (awful [*censored*] contraptions that they are!) I quickly grabbed the door propping open book, and my hand protecting fingerless glove, then I made a bee line for the fire escape, and my before lunch Stair Walk. I actually did quite a lot of walking today – Stair Walk before breakfast, Stair Walk before lunch (albeit a little later than usual) – but we didn’t take my wheelchair to the Optometrist – I walked there from the car park outside, and stood around for most of the morning, leaning on counters whenever my back got too sore, and walking around looking at frames – I think my back will probably know all about it tomorrow, but I managed quite well, I thought! I know I would have managed a lot better if I hadn’t had my [*heavily censored*] shoes on! As Julian has happily been telling anyone who’ll listen (like our cleaning lady, who just rang up to say that she won’t be coming tomorrow, after all) I haven’t been able to stand around and walk around like that for about five to six years… All this Stair Walking must be making me a bit fitter! 🙂

So, we got home, had lunch, and I got stuck into Addain – a brand new Addain! I didn’t delete the old one (but I might have to!) again, I moved him to a “holding shard”… I realised this morning that I’d created him from the wrong “race” – I made him a High Elf, when I should have made him a Mathosian (read: “human”) To confirm this, I went and created a new character on one of the other shards, and sure enough, he was the wrong race! Please don’t ask me why this is important – I’m not sure I even know myself – but he just “looked” wrong, OK? I could have changed his race, for a (Credit) price, but when you do that you can’t choose your own “preset” (basic appearance and characteristics) I did try, but it wasn’t good enough – I had to start from scratch. So I shipped him off, and created a new him. He looks much more betterer now! 🙂 I’ve already got him up to level 11, which isn’t bad going for an afternoon, and seeing as our cleaning lady won’t be here tomorrow, I’ll get a chance to get him up to where his predecessor was pretty quickly – so I’ll have only lost about half a day in re-doing him. And of course… I have my first appointment at my new Hairdresser’s tomorrow afternoon (about which I am more than somewhat nervous!) but I can’t wriggle out of it – (a) it’s too late now, and (b) my hair desperately needs a clip around the ears… my hair’s beginning to stick out like Dagwood’s, only over my ears, not on the top of my head! :/ A full report will be issued in tomorrow night’s blog… depending on how it went. So everyone, please wish me luck at 1.45pm tomorrow – I have a feeling I’m going to need it *gulp*

Weigh-in this morning. Was not bad! Quite good, in fact! I was down to 93.3kg this morning, down two points on yesterday’s 93.5kg. I wonder if all the walking and standing around I did today will make a difference tomorrow morning? I hope so – I start on those horrible pills in the morning 😦 Wouldn’t it be good if I could get well and truly under the 93kg mark, before the effect of the pills starts to kick in and I start retaining fluid like it’s going out of style! It probably won’t make much of a difference (all the standing and walking around) but a girl can hope, can’t she?! 🙂

Referring back to my shuffling off of the original Addain, I’m going to have to bite the bullet and go around culling a lot of extraneous characters from all my other, so-called “holding shards”. I saw with horror that I now have 12 characters on every shard! I have nowhere to move anyone anymore! What’s worse, I can’t even create an experimental character, or make a name “place holder”! This is not good! The thing is, all those characters are on those “holding” shards for a very good reason! I don’t want to delete any of them! But as I said, I’m going to have to bite the bullet. I’ll probably end up getting rid of anyone who doesn’t have a Trove, or at least a partial Trove, of “enhancement” potions. I’ll keep those that do have “enhancement” potions, and those whose names I can’t bear to lose… But that’s a job for another day – I’ve “parked” the new and improved Addain in the middle of the main road running though Freemarch. Not exactly an ideal location, but he’ll survive 🙂 Once again, I’m running him through as many “Carnage” quests as I can, to level him up as quickly as possible – and Freemarch is where the best Carnage quests, the best mining, the best skinning, and the best foraging is to be found! 🙂 I’m still mulling over the possibility of what colours to use in the (also new and improved) blog backgrounds and headers – I have an automatic leaning towards blues and purples, as they’re my favourite colours, however I did rather like the (rather a bit too bright) orange/yellow one I made the other night – maybe if I tone it down a bit… or a lot… I’ll have to see how it translates into a canvas/sandstone texture first though. And now, as it’s almost time for my evening Stair Walk, plus the fact that this is starting to get a little bit too long (as usual! 😉 ) I’ll take my leave of you all. Drop in again tomorrow night and hear all about my visit to the new Hairdresser – will I have any hair left? Will I have decided to have it all shaved off, and wear a wig? (Don’t worry – it has crossed my mind! Many times! Perhaps I should try a Burqa? (well, at least it would keep my stupid right ear warm!)) Well, find out tomorrow night! 🙂 Plus! What will my weight have decided to do, after all my standing and walking around today? Go down, hopefully! But… you never know, do you! 😉 So for the answer to all those niggling little questions about me that keep popping into your head at the oddest of times, this nightly blog is definitely the place to come! See you all here again tomorrow night – but until then, remember to bee good, slow down and take the time to smell the roses, but above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

P.S. I did get this finished, before my pre-dinner Stair Walk! 😀 [*blows raspberry at screen*]

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