Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.18

Well, didn’t the day start out miserably this morning! I liked it though! Lovely grey skies, cold, but not freezing – nice wintry weather! 🙂 When we woke up, it was pouring with rain – not nice “going out in it” weather at all! Still, this is Melbourne! Don’t like the weather? Give it a few minutes, and it’ll change… or so they say 🙂 However by the time we’d made our morning ablutions, I’d been on my pre-breakfast Stair Walk, and we’d broken our fast, it was still raining. So we didn’t go rug hunting today, after all! Instead we made a shopping list, and himself braved the (still nasty) weather and went over the road to do the shopping – and to have a hair cut – he was looking decidedly… er… like a Plushie toy! (there you go, dear 🙂 I didn’t say that word that you don’t like! You know the one, “fluffy“! 😉 ) In hindsight, I probably should have gone out this morning – goodness know when we’ll be able to go rug hunting now! Tomorrow’s Sunday, and our day for walloping nasty creatures in Dusken, so tomorrow’s out… Monday, my favourite eldest daughter is coming over – after I go shopping for some suitable clothes… because…. Tuesday is the day we have our photos taken – you remember, we got the nice gift-type voucher for a photo shoot from our Vets? Yes, well, it’s some time on Tuesday – but they haven’t contacted us to tell us what time to arrive yet. Apparently I’m to turn up with no makeup on, and my hair freshly washed but not styled in any way – their makeup artists and (I presume) hairdresser will do all of that (why am I getting the sudden urge to flee the country?! Rio sounds good – maybe we could go there?!) I hate having my photo taken at the best of times (because I’m horribly UN-photogenic! I look hideous in all photos, I kid you not!…), and trusting a complete stranger to do my makeup? All of a sudden, I’m just a teeny bit terrified! 😦 The reason for the new clothes? They also said to bring a couple of changes of clothing with us – for different “looks” – and all I have are casual tops (most of which are now miles too big for me!) and a few pairs of slacks (also a little on the large side!) I should get something a bit more dressy… which will be a gross waste of money because I’ll never wear it again – we don’t “do” dressy type places… So it’ll be Wednesday before we can even consider looking for rugs… Oh well, we’ve lived without a rug in the lounge room for |< this >| long – I guess we can wait another couple of days! 🙂

While himself was out in the weather doing the shopping, I was having a ball creating “Wardrobe Sets” on Rift! This new way of handling gear and items of clothing is really good! In the past, if you looked at what some other character was wearing and thought: “Hey! That’s cool! I’d like to wear something like that!”, you’d have to go off to the Auction House (or the Rift Shop – but more usually the Auction House) and try to buy an identical item of clothing. Now, just as in “real life”, there are (believe it or not!) “Fashion” trends in Rift. Certain items of clothing (or weapons) become popular, and everyone starts wanting them… and everyone who can make that item – or can go and “farm” for it if it’s a “drop” (an item that “drops” from a certain type of creature which you can kill) does so – and even if that item would normally be worth only a few pieces of silver, because it’s become popular, the sellers can, and do, ask exorbitant prices for these items… and get them! Just like in real life! 🙂 If it’s popular, it’ll sell – never mind the price! But that’s not all! If you had more than one character, and you wanted both of them to wear that item, you’d have to buy two of them! You could only wear what you had on you, or in your bank! Now, however, only one character has to have the item (on them, or in their bank) and that item is automatically “copied” into a sort of “clothing pool”  – a “clothing pool” that’s shared between anyone on your account, regardless of shard! All of a sudden you can find yourself with hundreds of different outfits that you can mix and match and re-colour to your heart’s content! You can even add prettier, or more impressive weapons to the Wardrobe, regardless of whether your Class can even use it! If it’ll go in the “weapon slot” in the Wardrobe, you’ll look as though you’re using it (you won’t be, of course, you’ll still be using your “regular” weapon – it’ll just look like you’re using this really fancy-schmantzy sword, when you can really only use a staff!) Cool stuff! 🙂 I set all my characters on Hailol up this morning with two Wardrobe “sets” each, and I was half way through doing all my Laethys characters when I stopped to start writing this! (plus, I was getting a bit bored… even though I’d only been doing it for three or so hours 😉 ) I did do a bit of work on my Bookmarks wallpaper – it’s coming along slowly, and it’ll be really fantastic when it’s finished, but… you can’t really hurry these things along, y’know?

Weigh-in this morning. Maybe things are starting to settle down again – this morning was quite pleasing – down to 94.5kg – two points down on yesterday. I had to draw up another graph sheet! The “.5” mark was on the bottom line, so I’ve had to go over the page. Mind you, if I go up again tomorrow I’ll have to stay on the same page, but I’m all squished up in the bottom right hand corner of the page! I have only two more days marked off along the bottom – tomorrow (Sunday), and Monday – then I’ll have to go onto the next page, willy-nilly! 🙂 I hope I don’t go up though! I’ve started the new page at the 94.5kg mark! :/

So that was my day today – there’s not a hoot on TV tonight that’s worth watching, but himself brought me home a little present this morning 🙂 Season four of “Game of Thrones”! Hopefully we can watch an episode or two of that tonight (that, or a series that my favourite eldest daughter has lent us – an American version of Sherlock Holmes, called “Elementary” – with a (*gasp! shock! horror!*) female Dr. Watson!) I’m dying to see both of them! I’ll let you know what we watched, and what we thought of it/them/whatever! 🙂 So drop in again tomorrow night for a review of “Game of Thrones”, Season 4, Episode 1 (and maybe 2), and/or “Elementary” (Season 1, Episode 1) You’ll also get to hear how himself and I got on in our Rifting in Dusken, and whether we died or not (hopefully, “not”!) If I’m feeling particularly generous, I might even tell you how my weight went! 😉 (Down, preferably! 🙂 ) So until then, please bee good, try not to drip water on the floor, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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