Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.14

“Another day, another dollar”, so the old saying goes… yes, another dollar out of your wallet! Today my “Pay As You Go” Tax installment letter arrived, along with another rather large envelope from our solicitors, which looks equally as intimidating, simply because of the size of the envelope (the contents of which will probably involve some sort of payment, from us, to them, as usual) Don’t you all just love Tax Time (NOT!) And to heap insult on injury (to our hip pocket nerve), the water bill for our Glen Waverley place, in which my favourite eldest daughter and her husband reside, has also arrived. *sigh* I guess it’s getting close to “that time of the year” again. Still, as my mother always used to say facetiously at Tax time, “Well, at least I have the money to pay it!” 🙂 This morning, once again, himself had to play Taxi Driver for my favourite eldest daughter. She couldn’t come over yesterday because she had a uni assignment due in tomorrow (Wednesday) that she had to work on (and she only just finished it off this morning! Which was just as well, because…) she had a dental appointment in Balwyn this morning, which was why Julian was needed – she could have gone there and back by Public Transport, but she had to be home early, because their cleaners were coming (which was why she couldn’t come over today) so I haven’t seen my favourite eldest daughter for two whole weeks! 😦 I haven’t seen my favourite youngest daughter for the same amount of time either, but at least she has a good excuse… she works! 🙂 (though I suppose that going to uni is a good excuse too 😉 ) Ah! I’ve just been told that my Tax has been paid! That’s good – we usually like to get our Tax paid as soon as we receive the notice – we don’t want to run the risk of forgetting it (because we know that Mr. Taxman won’t!) So what did I do this morning… let’s see….

The Guild Bank on Hailol is down to (*gasp! shock! horror!*) double figures, which is most definitely not good – but these days, things just aren’t selling anymore on the Auction House, what with all the materials that those wretched Minions bring in! For instance, a very common low-level “flower” used in the making of health potions, Grieveblossom, used to sell on the Auction House at around 1 gold 50 silver a flower. The Vendor price (in order to keep the shard economy working properly, all prices are, or should be, based on the Vendor price – supposedly the minimum price you could sell at) The Vendor price for Grieveblossom is 4 silver, so if all else fails, you can go to your nearest Vendor (basically any NPC* who sells stuff) and sell your Grieveblossom to them for 4 silver per flower. Naturally, you would expect to get quite a bit more for them on the Auction House…. before Minions were introduced, that is. Minions bring in cheap, low level goods of every type and description, in their tons! The Auction House is simply flooded with them – and quite frankly, the economy is failing! No-one can make any money to buy “better gear” with – those who make the “better gear” can’t sell it – and because they can’t sell their “better gear”, they can’t make any more “better gear” because they can’t afford the materials with which to make it! It’s a nightmare, but typical of Governments, real ones or virtual ones, the world over. They meddle with the economy, and all of a sudden people find themselves going to Hell in a hand basket, because they don’t have enough money to catch a train and take the scenic route! You know how much some stupid and desperate people were selling their Grieveblossom for on the Auction House this morning? 1 (one) silver! They could have sold them at 4 silver per blossom to the Vendor standing just across the lane from the Auction House, but no… they were trying to sell them for 1 silver each – 3 silvers less than the Vendor price! And guess what?! No-one was buying! Everyone’s Minions are bringing them in more of these sorts of things than they can use… and that’s why I had to sell four stacks (one stack = 99 items) of Grieveblossom to the nice Vendor man standing right across the way from the nice Auction man! And it’s the same with just about everything. Nothing is selling. Yeah, so I spent most of the morning putting all my stacks, and Bind On Equip** gear back on the Auction House… for the third (or is it the fourth? I fergit!) time… As I said… the economy is totally wrecked.

This afternoon I worked on my new Bookmarks wallpaper idea… I tell you, those ruddy styles are starting to give me a headache! I haven’t really progressed much further with the project, but what I have managed to get done does look nice… I suppose there are ways of putting photos and such up on one’s blog? I’m not sure how – I guess I’ll just have to look into it… (Ahhh! I just spotted a roll-up window to the right of the page – it says “Format” on the top, and then there’s a list of things below it – the bottom most one of which is labeled “Image”, so I suppose that might have something to do with it! I’ll have a look later…)

Weigh-in this morning. Was weird! I got on the scales, and they said 95.3kg. exactly the same as yesterday – I was bitterly disappointed – I was so hoping to go down… so I hopped off, and hopped back on again. No cheating, but this time it read 95.1kg. Under himself’s watchful eyes, I again hopped off, and hopped back on, No cheating, and it still said 95.1kg, so we settled for that! 🙂 Himself has a strange problem with his scales – he can get on and off them, three or four times in a row, and register a different weight each time – the weights he ends up with can vary by up to half a kilo at a time (example: 85.8kg, 85.1kg, 86.4kg, and 84.6kg, all in the space of about 2 minutes!) in other words, much more than a person should or would be able to vary, in such a small space of time. I wonder if his scales need new batteries?

So here I am – it’s almost time for my evening “Walkies” 🙂 Please feel free to drop by again tomorrow night, to find out how many items of mine sold over night on the Auction House (probably none!) and how many other stacks of non-sellables (thanks to the Minions!) I had to sell at Vendor prices… See if I’ve made any progress with the Bookmarks wallpaper and those pesky little styles… and what happened when I hopped on the scales in the morning. I seem to be doing an awful lot of writing these days – not only this blog, but nightly installments to emails, which I send off every day or so – just as well my fingernails are filed down so much (but only another week or so and I should be able to get back to my pretty nail polishes! 🙂 ) So that’s about it from me for tonight – I look forward to seeing you all here again tomorrow night – but until then, bee good, Watch out! You’ll spill the coffee! – but above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

* NPC =  Non Player Character – a character who is not being played by a real person – a scripted part of the game
** Bind On Equip = Once you use it, in any way, shape, or form, it becomes “bound” to you – this means that you can no longer sell it for a profit on the Auction House, you can only sell it to a Vendor, or to make other materials from it by destroying it.

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