Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.07

Well?! Well!? What do you think of it? My new header, with the seasonal icons on it? Do you like it? Hate it? Don’t give a stuff?! 🙂 Anyway, I’ll still be experimenting with different shapes and styles… so if you don’t like this one, the next one may be more to your liking(s) This morning, because himself had to play Taxi Driver for my favourite eldest daughter once more, I had the morning to myself (for once!) and because I’d been clever enough to do this header last night, I had the whole day (or so I thought) free for Rifting. This morning I spent a lot more time simply questing, and a lot less time getting sidetracked searching for Artifacts and stuff. I got to the last part of Scarlet Gorge (somehow I always get turned around in that zone! I look at the map – yes, I have to go there! so I mark it with an “x”, turn myself around to face the “x”, and take off. Then the next time I look at the map, I’ve mysteriously been turned around and am charging off in the wrong direction! And! It only happens in Scarlet Gorge! Why?!) and finished the zone off when someone who was doing the same quest teamed up with me to kill off a rather nasty Boss and his minions, and close down his Rift (alas, not for good – it’ll be there again for everyone else who comes along to do this quest – but such is the nature of games! 😉 ) I’m now in Scarwood Reach – probably one of my favourite zones in Telara – and Satai is now level 36. Only four more levels to level 40! 🙂 I’m not quite sure who I’ll take up to level 40 next – I’d like it to be one of the two male characters I’ve got, but they’re both Defiant, and so is Satai, and I really like to alternate between Guardian and Defiant when I’m leveling in “batches” like this. When I went out, just before one o’clock, for my pre-lunch Stair Walk, I looked out the window and was quite shocked to see how cold, wet, and miserable it was! It’s reasonably warm here in the Den – the computers and screens stop the temperature from dropping too low, and I hadn’t noticed the creeping cold. The lounge room was quite cold, and poor old Flipper was all huddled up in her “Winter Chalet” (one of the two triangular cat caves we got for her) and which she loves so much that it seems like she never leaves them, except to eat, drink, use her litter box, or to squish in next to Julian for “Daddy Pats”, when he’s sitting in the lounge room with his feet up! I turned the heater on for her, and vowed to grab a scarf for myself when I got back from my Stair Walk. My favourite eldest daughter decided to come over today, after all, so instead of taking her home after her excursion, himself brought her over here instead, and any hopes of a day’s Rifting melted, “like tears in rain“. We spent the afternoon watching episodes of “The 100” because somehow or other, the season 4 episodes of “Person of Interest” were sort of muddled up with the same episode number as those of season 3 (season 4, episode 14, turned out to be season 3, episode 14, and so on). We’re not quite sure how that happened, but we’re not going to be able to watch any more of “Person of Interest” until we get it sorted out *cry* which is a rotten shame because it’s a really good show…. and I wanna know what happens next! :/

I’m not sure what we’re doing tomorrow – what I do know is that if the weather’s anything like it is today, I won’t be going any further than the fire escape stairs! Hopefully I’ll be able to get Satai up to level 40, and be able to start on the next one… actually, I’ve been thinking… I’m amassing all these boxes full of Dimension goodies, the boxes all being of different sizes and value, courtesy of my Minions. I have no idea what’s in the boxes, and no two boxes will contain the same items – but each box can contain anywhere between six and seventeen Dimension items… (it reminds me of the old Nursery Rhyme: “As I was going to St. Ives”*) I really, really need to unpack those boxes, sort out the unpacked Dimension items, and put them all… I dunno!… somewhere! Now that I’ve reached a particular Loyalty Level, all of my characters received (amongst other goodies) a 36 slot bag.  What I’m thinking I’m going to have to do is empty out someone’s bank as well as their bags – either selling everything, and/or passing whatever I can to other characters to “mind for me”, via the in-game mailbox. Items can sit in your inbound mail for up to 29 days before the game will delete it, opened or unopened. And if you don’t open it, when you’re ready, you can “return to sender”, free of charge! I’m not sure what the maximum number of items a mail box can hold is, but I think it’s quite a lot – and I have twelve characters… (plus Julian’s – though if they’re “bound to account” items they  can only be sent to someone on my game account) Anyway, it’s going to be a truly mammoth task – which is why I just keep putting it off, and putting it off… and, of course, the more I keep putting it off, the bigger and more massive the job becomes… Perhaps I’ll think about getting onto it next week! (read: “next year“!)

Weigh-in this morning… was… horrible! Terrible! It was worse than “horrible”, or “terrible”! 😦 Well, I was expecting to bounce back up, after such a massive loss (seven points!) – I figured… 95.8kg?… 95.9kg?… I’d thought that at 95.5kg I’d be far enough down into the 95kg zone to not bounce back up into the 96kg zone again. Boy! Was I wrong! I went back to where I was the day before yesterday. The weight I’d sat on for two whole days! (Saturday and Sunday) Yes, that’s right! I went back up to 96.2kg!  [please insert a very long string of extremely rude words here!] I was not pleased… I will be even less pleased if I’m still sitting on the same weight again tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted…

Anyway, that’s about it from me for today – call back again tomorrow night – see what I’ve decided to do about the Dimension boxes 😉 and what my weight has decided to do to me! (hopefully nothing too nasty!) I’m wondering if I should add on another, fourth, Stair Walk, around 9.30pm, on my way back down to the Den. After that not terribly pleasant surprise this morning, it looks like I’m going to have to do something to start things moving again. Oh well, at least I’m only on those wretched pills for another three days – and then it’ll take me about another three days for my body to come out of its “fluid retaining state” Actually, what I think I really need is another long and invigorating shopping trip – maybe look for a rug for the lounge room floor, or a coffee table… or both – only not if the weather’s going to be as wet as it was today! So it looks like I’ll have a lot to tell you all about tomorrow night, but until then, please bee good, drive extra carefully in this wet weather, remember to change into something warm and dry if you’ve been out in the rain – and above all, stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*The Old Nursery Rhyme (or Riddle) goes like this: As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. Every wife had seven sacks, every sack held seven cats. Every cat had seven kits! Kits, cats, sacks and wives, how many were there going to St. Ives?”
The answer to the riddle: Only one person was going to St. Ives! The narrator. The text says “As I was going to St. Ives” – but it’s not revealed where the multi-wived man was going with all those sacks of cats and kits! 😉

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