Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.03

So, it’s Good Friday – the beginning of Easter… I actually had a small, toasted Hot Cross Bun, with just a smidge of butter, for breakfast this morning! Himself worked out all the relevant kilojoule bits and pieces, and worked out that it was only about 70 calories (293 kilojoules) over my normal breakfast, and quite a bit less than the morning or afternoon tea (which were 314 kilojoules) that I should have been having, but haven’t, for the last four or five months. So… it’s sort of like I said “I think I’ll have morning tea this morning!” – Why do I feel as though I need to justify that extra 293 kilojoules! Let’s see what the scales say tomorrow morning! I’m having a normal breakfast tomorrow, but I’ll be having another, very small, Warm Angry Rabbit on Sunday morning.

This morning I did a bit of serious Rifting. Satai is now level 26 and almost half way through Stonefield – doing rather well, actually, and I’ve decided that all of the Artifacts collected via Minions, or by other characters, as it becomes their turn to level up, will be sent on to Satai. As she’s the reason that Hailol was populated in the first place, it seems only right that she should get the Artifacts… and one single character stands a much better chance of collecting a full Artifact set, than many characters only getting a few Artifacts per set. Full sets can net you some very nice prizes, from Mounts, to Armor and Costume Armor, to various enhancements – in other words, well worth collecting for! This afternoon himself and I played a bit of Rift together – we only played for about an hour, but I think we accomplished quite a lot in that time (we found the next Porticulum, too! They don’t show up on the map until you’ve “discovered” them…) We may play again tomorrow afternoon, because we won’t be able to on Sunday, what with Easter Sunday Lunch, and the kids over and all… Roast Lamb with all the trimmings, and some sort of cake for dessert… I’ll have to make do with a small Hot Cross Bun and a smidge of butter for breakfast, and my usual Optifast bar for lunch. It’ll be… (thinks…) Berry Crunch? According to my calculations, anyway – it’s actually my favourite, though I do like the Cappuccino one too 🙂

I seem to be alternating between Rift and Graphics – I also did a fair bit of graphic work today too – Out of all those frame and corner fonts that I downloaded the other day, most of them are too big to use successfully as header frames – I only get 1194 x 200 pixels to work with (that’s about 31.5cm x 5.3cm, in lay person’s terms) so there ain’t much room to mess around in! But there are quite a few long, skinny frames (height-wise) amongst them. I really can’t see that they’d be much use to anyone, really, they’re just too narrow (about 1/2 an inch high?) though I suppose you could use them for one line descriptions under a picture or something? Anyway, I’ve discovered that if I duplicate the image, and flip the duplicate upside down, then join the two together in the middle and erase the centre line, I get quite a respectable sized header frame! Next, if I select the centre part, insert a new layer under the frame, then fill the selection with a contrasting colour on that new layer, it looks really good! (you do this on the layer below, so that any rough lines in the selection (“jaggies”) are hidden under the outline of the frame above it) I’m working on one at the moment – I’ll put it up as soon as I can decide on the colour(s) to make the text in the middle. As I said, I’ve got one almost ready, but I still have about another fifteen to play with – I could do a new header every night for a fortnight! Wouldn’t that be fun! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Surprisingly good, considering everything! Down two points to 96.6kg! Don’t worry though – it’ll be up again tomorrow! I’d like to get a bit lower still, before I consider myself “safe” in the 96kg zone… However, what with the fluid retaining pills, and the Hot Cross Bun that I had for breakfast this morning, I shudder to think what I’ll see when I stand on the scales tomorrow morning!

So tune in again this time tomorrow night, and see if the Easter Bunny has dropped a few extra kilos onto my scales for me! And who knows? If you’re really lucky, you might find yourselves greeted by a new, much fancier and ornate blog header! I have a small problem to solve, too – you know I told you that I got my stand-up clip board – the one with the white board on the back? Yes, well I don’t know where to put it. I have all of my desk arranged “just so”, and I really don’t have room… I could move the tissues, but where to? so that I can still reach them easily… I could move the prescription filing box, but once again – where to, so that its still going to be within easy reach? Decisions, decisions! I don’t know! At the moment the clip board is sitting right where the breakfast goes in the morning. I need a bigger desk! 😦 I’ll let you know tomorrow night if I manage to sort it all out 🙂 In the meantime, there’s not much more to tell you, and in all honesty, I’d like to see if I can get that header finished, and up tonight! So without further ado, I shall admonish you all to bee good, behave yourselves, but above all else…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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