I forgot!

And it’s not like me to forget things, is it! 😉 While I was at the Prosthodontist yesterday and was having my bottom teeth cleaned and all, I grizzled to Dr. N. that I had a very annoying food trap on my upper right bridge – that when I eat things like apples, or anything fibrous, bits get stuck in there and I can’t get them out. Sometimes it feels like I have a beard growing out from between my teeth! :/ Well, he had a look, and got a piece of dental floss and flossed in between the bridges. I should at this point explain that both top and bottom bridges are not made in a single piece, each one (the top and the bottom) are made in three pieces. I don’t know whether it’s to make it easier to put them in or to take them out (for cleaning and repairs), or whether it’s so that you won’t have to go without too many teeth if you break something. Anyway, Dr. N. appeared quite fascinated by this “food trap” of mine, and as well as I can remember it (I’m getting old you know), this is more or less what he said: It was commonly believed and taken as given that the human jaw stopped growing during our middle teens – give or take a few years – and that once it had stopped growing things didn’t really change all that much as far as your tooth placement went. It was only after implants became more common that they began to notice that in some rare cases, the jaw did keep growing a bit. Implants are very firmly fixed in your jaw bone, you see, and they can’t move; so any movement between implants therefore had to be jaw growth, which was forcing the implants apart. The amount of jaw growth can be accurately determined by measuring the gap. Though most growth usually occurs at the front (middle) of the jaw, mine is more to the side of the jaw – which is even rarer! So once again, Winter proves to be a medical and/or dental) anomaly! 🙂 Perhaps I really should think seriously about leaving my body to science… 😉

As I said yesterday that I probably would, I got my Gingerlilly up to level 50 early this afternoon, and spent the rest of the day getting her all kitted out for life after the expansion. Which will hopefully be tomorrow… but I won’t hold my breath…. So now I have three at level 60, seven at level 50, one at level 38 (I think! She’s the one I play in tandem with Julian), and one name holder to re-roll permanently once the expansion’s gone live. My favourite eldest daughter is coming over tomorrow, and she may have to sit and watch me play a newly expanded Rift for a while, while I try any new things out 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was quite exciting! I went down to 121.4kg! 🙂 Yay!!! Needless to say, I was very happy about that – though I’ll probably go up again tomorrow :/ Oh! and another side effect of losing weight is that I’m finding that I can stand up straighter for longer now, instead of having to go everywhere bent over double, staring at the floor because my back is too sore to straighten it properly 🙂 (a combination of my arthritis and a condition called spondylosis (immobility and fusion of vertebral joints) – quite painful! :/ )

Will I continue on my downward path? Hopefully, “yes!” Stay tuned, and find out tomorrow! 🙂

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