Surprise, surprise…

I went to the hairdresser today for a trim/cut, and was most surprised when my usual guy wasn’t there, and a completely new and unknown young lady presented herself to me, telling me that she’d be doing my hair for me today. When I asked where my usual guy was I was told that he no longer worked there! I was most taken aback, discombobulated and a trifle discomforted. A second person (the one who ended up cutting my hair, and actually doing a pretty good job of it, but I haven’t a clue what her name was – why do so many people mutter these days? (or am I just getting old and deaf!))(don’t answer that last bit! It was rhetorical!) Anyway, by this time there were three anxious ladies grouped about me – and one said “Oh, but [insert name that I didn’t catch here] said she called you and explained things to you!”. I countered with the fact that I hadn’t received a phone call from anyone there, and in fact hadn’t even had the usual SMS reminder over the weekend about my appointment. In the mirror in front of me I saw glances of consternation exchanged between the three of them. Then one of them shrugged and moved off, and I was escorted to the basins to have my hair shampooed by the youngest of the trio. Nothing else was said either to me, or in front of me, on the subject of the missing gentleman, though I have no doubt that heated words were later exchanged in the back room… probably about the missing reminder SMS! 🙂 Oh, I did ask if they knew where he’d gone, but as I expected, I was diplomatically told that they didn’t know. Well, I guess you can’t really expect them to spruik another hairdressing establishment from their own salon… 🙂 Anyway, I think I’ve chased him down on Facebook (more by good luck than good management!), and have sent him a “please friend me” message – and here’s the proof that it was me wot sent it, if you’re reading this Josh… please let me know where you’ve gone. The girls did a fairly good job, but I really, really hate having to switch hairdressers! 😦

Oh well, my hair looks quite good (ghod knows what it’ll look like after I sleep on it tonight!), so at least I’ll look reasonably decent going to my doom… I mean my Prosthodontist…. Oh, how I wish it was this time tomorrow night! :/

At weigh-in this morning I was beginning to think that my stupid body was maliciously and malevolently teasing me (again!) Only one point (100g), I went down, only one point!! to 122.0kg!  Arrrgggghhhh! This is cruel! Though it’s better than going up 100g, I suppose… What will I be tomorrow?  Who knows?!  Anyone care to lay bets? 🙂 Will it be up? 😦 Will it be down? 🙂 Or will it stay the same? :/

Stay tuned, and find out tomorrow night, if you dare! 😉