Christmas-y candles…

Well, after typing until I almost wore the letters off the keyboard last night, simply to grizzle about undisciplined children and their selfish, uncaring, and even more undisciplined parents, I’ll try to keep things a little shorter tonight 😉 Instead, I’ll talk about candles in general, and Christmas-y smelling candles in particular. Some time ago I bought a fancy scented candle in David Jones. They were being displayed in the ladies underwear area (of all places!), and they were in such pretty red stained glass-ish jars with a nice little lid. They didn’t smell too bad, either, so I got one. I thought it’d look good (and smell nice) in my bathroom – which it does! 🙂 However, I started to think (always a dangerous pastime for me!) that it would be nice to have a candle in the Den, too, so today when we went out to do a bit of shopping, I steered himself towards Dusk, where I decided to look for something… I wasn’t really sure exactly what I wanted – something jasmine-y? No, my bathroom is undergoing its Jasmine Phase at the moment, and I didn’t want the Den to smell like my bathroom… I do prefer spicy, oriental-y perfumes, but although the very nice young lady at Dusk said they were, none of the candles she showed me were what I would have called “spicy”, or “oriental”. Most of them were too bland and far too “sweet” for our taste. We also looked at Christmas so-called “berry” scented candles, but once again, there was nothing that had what we were looking for. In the end, I opted for a soy candle in a black glass jar (more like an ordinary drinking glass than a jar, really) and silver writing on the (black) label… called, terribly imaginatively, “Midnight Noir”. The scent is quite nice, though not terribly strong, and it’s currently burning away gently to my right. Don’t be surprised if one of these evenings you see the post title of “Black candle”, or “Midnight noir”, when I can’t think of anything else to call it 🙂 But getting back to the berry and Christmas theme… can anyone think of the name of a berry often used in Christmas candles? It may be bayberry, but I’m not sure… I remember years ago (years and years ago, in Glengarry Avenue!) I bought a Christmas candle – at least I think it was a candle – that smelt absolutely delicious! Scrumptious, even! It smelt a bit like that lovely Christmas time tea you can get up at Tea Leaves, but nicer… and it had some sort of special Christmas berry in it but I can’t remember what it was called! 😦 As I said, it may have been bayberry, but I sort of feel that the berry name might have started with the letter “M”? I don’t think we ever actually lit the candle, but kept it around because it smelt so nice. Of course, it’s long gone now – we were in Glengarry Avenue about twenty five years ago now, and I’m quite sure that it didn’t make the move with us to Diosma Drive! 🙂 The long and short of it is that I want to get another candle, or diffuser, or burner, or whatever, that smells like that candle did, so if anyone can supply the name of the berry scent that I’m looking for, I’ll be eternally grateful! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was not really thrilling :/ I stayed the same (again! Unfortunately not moving seems to be a prelude to [insert rude word here] going  up again 😦 and as I said, I’m not overly thrilled :/ ) So, here I sit.. at 120.6kg again. My body seems determined to make me lose my race to the goal that I’ve set myself, as I’m running out of time before the Provera at the front end of the month really pushes me up with fluid retention. Ho-hum, never say die, and all that 🙂

Will she go up? Or will she go down? Maybe stay the same again for a third day? Don’t hold your breath, bur find out tomorrow! 😉