Don’t you just hate….

Dentist’s chairs… 😉 At  least Dr. N. supplies a foam rubber cylinder to put under your neck now – much more comfortable! 🙂 Well, I went, I was seen, and I had my teeth attended to. The bottom lot got another going over (why is it that bottom teeth collect more tartar than the top ones? (that is not a rhetorical question, if anyone wants to answer it!)) Remember the broken screw that I mentioned? It seems that the top half (of the screw) had vibrated loose (vibrated? does my jaw vibrate? or maybe it’s the electric toothbrush… it vibrates….), but the bottom half (of the screw) was still very firmly wedged in place. 😦 Dr. N. didn’t have a drill bit small enough to drill it out without damaging the… erm… bridge? If that happens, then the whole of that part of the bridge has to be removed and sent off to be re-cast, or re-made, or something, which will take a long time and I’ll be very unhappy to have to live without it for the duration. I think… (well, c’mon! You all know I’m a totally non technical person! I’m the artistic one, remember?!) So, Dr. N. is going to try and get a smaller drill bit, and I have another appointment on my favourite youngest daughter’s Birthday in December, to have the wedged-in bit of screw drilled out and a healthy, whole and unbroken screw put in in its place 🙂 Hopefully…. 🙂 So apart from almost drowning in water from the fast drill a couple of times, and the  few squeaks and squawks I made when pieces of extra hard tartar were “encouraged” to let go of their anchorage, I came home unscathed 🙂 I don’t think he even noticed the broken tooth…. 😉

We came home, had lunch, and… guess what!! 🙂 I played Rift! I got killed… and had to wait for Julian to get home so that his character could rescue me. Somehow I seem to have got things out of whack a bit… I’m level 48, trying to get to level 50 before Thursday (I’ll get there tomorrow, most likely)… but the mobs I was battling today were level 50’s, some of them Elite (read: double tough and hard to kill)! You have five levels of “difficulty”, viz: Quests with grey names: the mobs are too weak to hurt you. Ignore them, and they’ll ignore you (unless you run into them). You don’t get experience for killing them (and remember, apart from loot, experience is really what you’re playing to get!) Quests with green names – pretty easy, mobs are around your level of experience, or lower and usually fairly easy to dispose of. You get reasonable experience and loot, but not as much as: Yellow quests. A bit harder. Mobs have about the same level of experience as you, or slightly higher. Better quality loot and more experience. Orange quests: not easy at all! My quests today were all orange ones, and the mobs were all at least two levels higher than I was. The loot is pretty good (mostly) and you get a quite lot more experience… but you also tend to die a lot, too, which can become expensive, if you make a habit of it. Red quests: I have only two things to say about these: 1. Don’t do them! and 2. You will die, full stop.

Normally I try to do Yellow quests – best value for resurrection gold 😉 but as I said, I seem to have got myself out of synch somewhere… and the quests were really a bit more than I wanted to cope with (I’m a devout coward and easily scared by large monsters!) I’ve now gone on to another area – it’s the area that I dislike the most, but the only one I can go on to, actually, unless I want to head Red Quest-ward, which I don’t.

Had enough Rift lore for the evening? 🙂 Thought so…. 😉

Weigh-in this morning was very pleasing… 🙂 I have finally broken the 122kg barrier and have arrived at 121.8kg! I hope that tomorrow goes as well as this morning did (but it probably won’t, knowing my luck, or lack thereof!) Stay tuned, and find out! 🙂

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