Pen and pencil mug…

This finding a suitable “title” for the evening’s entry is getting to be a bit of a bore… I couldn’t think of anything really pertinent to call it, so as usual, I looked around my desktop, waiting for something to catch my eye…. for about four minutes. Nothing really jumped out at me and said “Call it me! call it me!“, so in the end I settled for the good old “one on everyone’s desk” pen and pencil mug. Mine’s an etched glass “stein” that belonged to my mother, and in fact still contains a few pens and pencils of hers (and yes, they still work! 😉 )

Last night, for about the last hour and a half before we went to bed, our main Shard on Rift was down, so I mucked around on another one for a bit. This morning, not only was it still down, but so were all the others! Oh Noes! What to do… I played a few games of solitaire, then went and checked… they were all back up! Yay! So on I hopped and played for a bit, when it occurred to me… Sunday, as you all know, is our “Romping in Telara Day”, killing monsters and bad people for fun and profit… sometimes… and hoping not to die too many times. But the “rules” have changed a bit with this expansion, and the top level has been lifted from 60 to 65. This is all well and good, but the “Soul Trees” where we spent out hard earned levelling points was only designed to go to level 60, and there was no room to put anything else in without having to completely alter and re-design the entire structure. I guess they probably thought that not only would it take too long, but would probably confuse the hell out of older players, like me 😀 Anyway, long story short, in their wisdom they decided to create a new set of “Masteries” that you could pick up, from levels 60 to 65. That meant that the new(ish) characters that we’ve been playing wouldn’t be able to access or try these out for about another 30 odd levels, and, being me, I wanted to see what they were like, now! Consequently, tomorrow we’re going to pull a couple of our ancient old level 60 characters out of retirement and trot them through their paces once more for the salvation of all Telarans. 🙂 There is one small problem though. I have two Defiant level 60s and one Guardian level 60. Julian has one Defiant level 60 who he has been riding out each night, exploring, joining in Rifts and (I think? I may be wrong!) instances, and dungeons. Which means that Mandreth (the character he’s been using) will be quite a bit ahead of my two level 60s. He does have a Guardian level 60 on another Shard, which he’s going to move over to Laethys (he’s still got room to move someone over, not being quite the altoholic that I am. If I want to move someone over, I have to move someone off first, and perform the good old “Change Shards Shuffle” which I so detest having to do 😦 ) Unfortunately, my Guardian level 60, Wyntercat, is not as well set up as my two Defiant level 60s… but she can do it, at a pinch… I’ll have to find her new clothes though – what she’s currently wearing is far too flashy to wear whilst tearing through the countryside slaughtering nasties.. or in this case, oceanside! Most of the new area, I believe, is underwater – it’s not called “Nightmare Tide” for nothing, you know! 😉

Minions are still doing well, and bringing in the loot… 🙂

Weigh-in. Hmmm… Remember how I said that my run of good weight loss was bound to run out, sooner or later? Well, this morning it leaked a bit… I went back up to 121.0kg, which, while not as drastic as some reversals of weight that I’ve had, still was not at all pleasing. No indeed! I was not impressed! (how do you make a frowning smiley, as opposed to a sad one? Never mind, imagine it instead!) Hopefully I’ll be back down again tomorrow, but… I’m not going to hold my breath! :/

So stay tuned tomorrow night to find out whether or not I’ve worked myself into another major depression or not! 😉