Extensions extending…

Well, it is arrived! The Rift expansion is live, and those new little Minions are (a) very time consuming (or should I say, mesmerizing?) – a bit like pokie machines – you sort of get all glassy eyed sending the little critters off on adventures, claiming their “rewards” when they get back, picking a new adventure for one of them to go on – rinse and repeat… and (b) I can see it getting very expensive! As “Patrons”… and not only “Patrons”, but “Patrons” who have bought the Collector’s Edition of the Expansion, we get two free Minion Adventure slots, so we can send two Minions off at the same time… however, you can buy more Adventure slots for (in game) Credits, which, in turn, you buy from the Rift Shop for real time $$$$. We got given one Minion free, and, of course, you can buy more Minions, I don’t think there’s any limit to the number of Minions you can have, same deal as the Adventure slots. It’s not all bad though, as all your characters apparently share the same Minions – per Shard, I’d expect, though I haven’t checked cross-Shard yet. So that’s why I’m late tonight, sorting out Minions, getting glassy eyed over them, collecting goodies from the Mailbox per character, training up to the new Crafting levels, etc., etc. [*sigh*] A Gamer’s life is never easy, but we try to soldier on, bearing our heavy crosses bravely… 😉

S’truth! I just looked at the time! Eeek! Ummm… Sorry, this will have to be a little shorter than usual tonight… Favourite eldest daughter came over today, so of course I had to show off my new Minions, but after lunch we retired to the lounge room to watch one episode of “Agents of Shield”, and about three episodes of “Person of Interest”. She stayed a little later than she usually does because she had to go to a Fund Raising meeting being held over this way for “The Sex Party“, as she’s the Candidate representing them in the South Eastern Metro area in the coming election. I really, really do wish they’d change their ruddy name though! Their policies aren’t all that bad you know, straight forward common sense for the most part, but with a name like “The Sex Party”, it makes them sound like some scatty “free love and booze” type of thing – it even sounds worse than the “The Australian Motor Enthusiast Party”, and they managed to get a Senator elected!? (I know, that’s Federal, this is State, but it’s all politics in the end! 😉 ) Ah well… if you’re sick of the usual hopeless bunch of idiots leading us up the garden path and off to hell in a handbasket, give some thought to looking up “The Sex Party” and what they actually do stand for, and if you think they sound better than “The Australian Motor Enthusiast Party”, why not give them your vote – let’s face it, they can’t possibly be worse than what we’ve got, can they?! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning again went well – down to 121.2kg – but I can’t help thinking that all this good news can’t last for much longer… I expect that I shall be depressingly back up again tomorrow… :/ Still, we shall wait and see…. 🙂

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