Shopping… and teething problems…

Once again, I’m late, late, late! I feel like a White Rabbit, constantly looking at my pocket watch, thoughtfully filled with the very best butter, by my best friend, the March Hare…. :/ Yes, I got caught up with Rift again – sorry about that….

This morning was pretty ordinary – caught up with my Minions and a swag of goodies that they’d won/achieved/whatever, and that was good… their Stamina does regenerate over time, so at least I didn’t have to feel guilty about buying more Credits (with real time $$$!), with which to buy more Minions, because mine were all too tired to go Adventuring again straight away. However, since I found out that Minions are shared across Shards, I’m going to have to try to remember to only pick up their loot from my main Shard, namely Laethys, otherwise I stand to lose the use of artifacts and crafting materials to a Shard on which I’m not currently playing. Which I did tonight. Laethys was down (one of those expected “teething problems” always associated with the advent of a new expansion!), so I was playing on a secondary Shard. I checked the Minions and saw that one had picked up a heap of artifacts on his little Adventure, and I happily collected them all… only to then bewail the fact that unless I feel like shuffling players between Shards again, which I don’t, those artifacts are now…. unusable where I want/need them most.  Oh well, live and learn… hopefully that little faux pas will help me remember not to just go blithely picking things up, before making sure that I’m on the right Shard! Duh! :/

This afternoon we went shopping… mainly for fitted sheets and pillow cases. For some inexplicable reason, all our plain pillow cases have disappeared! We have plenty of pillowcases that match our various doona covers, but no plain ones. You see, we tend to wash the bedding and put it back on the bed again when it’s dry (which is probably a bit lazy, and probably accounts for us having so many doona sets, because after you’ve stripped the bed, washed and dried the bedding, and put it back on the bed again about four or five times, you get a bit tired of seeing the same old pattern all the time and decide to go and get a new one… but it certainly saves having to iron everything! 😉 ) We used to have lots of plain pillowcases, or so we thought, but they must have got lost in the bottom of a dark cupboard somewhere, along with all the odd socks and mislaid biros. Probably having an orgy, which will result in a tangle of unloved and unwanted wire coathangers. The Dry Cleaners will be pleased though – we usually take all these orphaned coathangers to them, as they seem to be only too happy to give them a good home 🙂 I’m really looking forward to getting the new ones washed – mis-matched pillowcases on the bed look…. wrong-ish…. 😉

Weigh-in this morning was very pleasing once more… I’ve broken the 121kg barrier by the skin on my teeth – 120.9kg! I hope my stupid body doesn’t decide to make tomorrow the day that I go back up again! :/ You know, I was trying to work it out this morning (mental arithmetic isn’t one of my strong points, so this was really quite clever of me! 🙂 ) When I get down to 119kg (less than 1kg away!), I’ll be half way to my goal weight (95kg)! 🙂 Now, I started off on August 18th at 134.something kg and it’s taken me since then to get to this “almost half way point”, so counting on my fingers (and toes!), that’s about 3 months… Therefore, if I’ve managed to lose almost 15kg in three months, that means I should be able to lose another 15kg in another three months, bringing me to mid to late January. And that will mean that I’ll have lost 30kg in six months! I think that’s pretty good! 🙂

So, will my body thwart me yet again, and push me back up over 121kg, or will I manage to get myself a little more… comfortably under the 121kg line to, say, 120.7kg? Find out tomorrow night! 🙂