At a loss…

You know, I have absolutely no idea what to write about tonight; how to regale you all with tall tales and true from my wonderful world of mystery (e.g. why am I here at all?) and imagination (e.g. my wonderful world of Rift). I can’t say that “nothing” happened today, because it did. My favourite eldest daughter came over today, and we chatted, had lunch, and then watched one episode of “Agents of Shield”, and three of “Person of Interest” (I just wish John, the good looking guy, wouldn’t mumble so quietly, and so much!). The cleaning lady came, the one with the noisiest vacuum cleaner in the southern hemisphere, and she sat and chattered and smoked for a while. And then (after cleaning the place) the cleaning lady went home, and Julian took Lee back to Glen Waverley, and I sat in the lounge room and read my kindle.

So it wasn’t that “nothing happened”, plenty did… but not much that made me think deep thoughts, or muse on the possibility that perhaps Ebola will make it to Australia and we’ll all die of that before finding out what happens in next season’s GoT. I actually got a little angry with G. R. R. Martin this morning; in sifting through my spam, there was some mail from Amazon urging me to have a look at George R. R. Martin’s latest book. Latest book??!!!  Could it be??!!! No, of course it couldn’t be, and of course it wasn’t. It was, however, a book about Westeros – “The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)” !! What??!! Why was he wasting time writing that, when he should have been getting on with the next book in the series! I want to know if Jon Snow stays dead? Did he even die? What’s going to happen?! One of my biggest fears* is that G. R. R. M. will keel over and die before he finishes the story – even though we’re roughly around the same age, and I certainly have no intention of dropping off the twig for at least another twenty five or so years – ample time for G. R. R. M. to finish the series… I hope!

So there you go – sorry guys, nothing much to write about tonight – but I’ll try and think of something interesting for tomorrow night, promise! OK? 🙂

Weigh-in this morning made me feel as though I had been stranded in the film “Ground Hog Day”… My weight was exactly the same as it was yesterday, which was exactly the same as it had been the day before! Thee scarily identical weigh-ins on three admittedly differently unfolding days… [cue jangling Twilight Zone theme: “do do do da, do do do da”] What will the weigh-in be tomorrow? Will Winter end up smashing the scales with her toothbrush, or will she ask Julian to change the batteries in it… Will her weight go up? Or will it go down…Or…… will it stay the same, again, for the fourth day in a row…. [fade out jangling Twilight Zone theme: “do do do da, do do do da”]

More tomorrow night, after I manage to dig myself out of this Ground Hog burrow… 😉

*well, alright, not my big biggest fear, but a reasonable sized one… maybe somewhere between “what’ll I do if anything happens to Julian?!” (biggest!) and “what if they don’t release the Rift expansion next week?” (meh!) – y’know?

One thought on “At a loss…

  1. I’ll bet anything that book is compiled from GRRM’s notes by the two other authors on the cover. GRRM gets the major credit because its his world, but the other Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson probably did the lions share of the work – I’m sure GRRM contributed something new, but authors rarely work on one project at a time when they’re full time writers. 🙂


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