Not looking forward…

I’m not much looking forward to next week… :/ I have my annual appointment with my prosthodontist… checkup and maintenance, but I feel like a naughty schoolgirl being sent to the headmaster’s office. I managed to chew a bit too hard on a piece of olive pit on a piece of pizza…. er… last year, I think, and very nicely broke a chunk off my right bottom molar. The same one I’d broken not that long before, doing pretty much the same thing (you’d think I’d learn to chew a little more carefully when eating a pizza that I knew had olives on it, wouldn’t you!) I felt too guilty to make an immediate appointment, and I just let it ride. Well, if I thought I felt a bit guilty when I broke the wretched thing, imagine how I feel now. As though I’m going to be marched off to the gallows! :/ And you know, it’s not all that important or awful – they’ll just unscrew that small back section of my bridge, take the broken bit out, and send it off to be repaired – it’ll probably take about a week – and I’ll be “punished” by not having anything to chew on back there apart from a couple of metal spikes sticking up from the bottom of the bridge. (They’re not sharp spikes, just little thin “humps” of metal that the top of the bridge (read: tooth part) gets screwed onto) There’s another small problem, too… well, two, actually… I was supposed to be having the top ones done this year (I have full implants, top and bottom), but last year, when the bottom ones were being done, Dr. N. found that one of the little screws – bottom right rear, right where I’ve broken this ruddy tooth – one of the little screws had broken inside the screw hole and he couldn’t get it out. Apparently it’d been broken for a while (he said) but had held alright so far, so he put it back the way it was and told me to let him know if it gave me any trouble. What sort of trouble? said I… “well,” he said “it might break through and stick into your gum, and it might hurt when you brush them, or chew on something.” Yes, yes, I know I’m a naughty girl for not doing anything about it, but it’s been hurting when I brush around there, and hurting (just a bit!) if I chew too hard on anything, for…. oh, I don’t know… ummm… about four or five months? But seeing as I was going to see him this October, and knowing how hard it is to get an appointment, I…. didn’t say anything. So now I have to get the tooth bit mended, the screw replaced (he said last year that it’ll have to be drilled out – luckily not while it’s still in my mouth! I’m allergic to dental drills, even if there are no nerve endings in the prosthetic!), and there probably won’t be time in the appointment to get the top ones done as well, but I guess I can have them done when I go back to have my tooth screwed back in again, or make another appointment, or whatever… 🙂

Anyway, I’ll be extremely relieved when next Wednesday dawns bright and clear (or cloudy and rainy, I don’t care! Tuesday will be over!) 🙂

And, of course, it’s Expansion Day in Telara next Thursday, our time… 😀

This morning’s weigh-in went well, I thought – finally, a loss! 🙂 122.2kg, which is much more betterer than three whole days at 122.4kg, don’t you think? 😉 More tomorrow night – hopefully it’ll be good news again! 🙂

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