Isn’t it amazing…

Isn’t it amazing – and a trifle frightening – how an intelligent and erudite adult person can spend (waste!) so much time wiggling a computer mouse, temporarily convinced that they are actually moving something around a (computer) screen. In fact, you’re not moving anything around the screen, you’re manipulating pixels to make it look as though you’re moving something around your screen. The lie to this is obvious when you see/realise that it’s actually the background images that appear to move, not the object that you think you’re moving. The aspect always stays the same. In a game like Rift, for instance, you may move your character left, or right, or jump up and down, but you will still see exactly the same view of the back of your character’s head. As you run through your game, slaying monsters, digging up ore, even swimming… notice your mouse hand. It actually doesn’t move very much at all…  So… what’s in a game? Why do we “gamers” play them so assiduously? How can we become so immersed in this manner.  Isn’t it just a gross waste of time? My mother would have said it was “unproductive”, and in theory, she would have been right. The only people who make anything “material” out of these games are the “gold farmers”, or people who offer “levelling services”. They’re the people who spam gamers offering large amounts of in-game currency for real time money, or who offer to do the hard yards levelling you up (i.e. playing your character for you), for real time money of course, while you’re at work… but I don’t think many people fall for that sort of spam any more (though I may be wrong – after all, they’re still around after the seven or so years that we’ve been playing these games!)

Well, you might say, it’s enjoyable, or you wouldn’t waste your time playing the game, would you? Or that it’s “relaxation”, “fun”, something to take your mind off stresses and worries… Once upon a time, a long time ago in a computer room far, far, away, we played a simple adventure game called “Monkey Island”. It was a single player game, and lot of fun, and now Julian is compiling (has been for a while, on and off, actually) a file of all the music we’ve enjoyed from the “old” games, even going back to the good old C64 days. One of the tracks is from Monkey Island, and it reminded me of the end credit to the game… while the music played, there scrolled down the screen a list of things that you could, or should, be doing instead of sitting there playing the game… like why don’t you “take the dog for a walk”, “help your mother with the dishes”, “tidy your room”, “do your homework”, “mow the lawn”, etc….  It strikes me that we didn’t listen then, and we still haven’t woken up to the fact that we are, in fact, wasting our lives. We still sit stolidly in front of our computer screens, wiggling our mouses to “move” our characters around.

Believe me, I’m not being negative about this, I enjoy playing, and I’ll continue to play/waste my time – until maybe something better comes along, like a trip to Italy, or something 😉 It’s just that it really does strike me as strange that even though we might be intellectually aware of the fact that we’re accomplishing nothing, we still do it. I just wonder why we do…

Philosophical Mood: OFF

Weigh-in this morning was this: :/ I might not have gone up again (my wretched body is saving that for tomorrow morning!), but I didn’t go down, either. Still stuck firmly and annoyingly at 122.4kg. Oh well… everyone cross your fingers, toes, and eyes… and touch wood for me that tomorrow will be better. More then…

3 thoughts on “Isn’t it amazing…

  1. It sounds weird, but until you pointed it out some time ago my brain had never logically digested the fact that your avatar just jiggles and animates on the spot – and that if all the scenery just disappeared then it would just be like a “dancing baby” kinda thing. My brain just never made the connection.

    Re: your weight – Don’t forget that you dropped 1/2 a kilo the day the day before yesterday. In technical terms, weight loss is a signal below the “noise floor” of daily body weight fluctuations. You’re shedding fat at a pretty even rate, but bodyweight fluctuations can be far greater than any daily loss. It’s the loss of fat that Dr Yo is after.


  2. Mother duckling 😃 you make me frustrated. Since you INSIST on weighing daily you need to get used to the fact your weight won’t drop significantly in 24 hours (unless something drastic happens). Weigh yourself daily if you must, but take the weekly weight loss. Woman fluctuate daily – no avoiding it. It’s a water weight loss/gain you are looking at.
    But as much as you frustrate me you make me very very proud. You’ve come such a long way. You are doing an awesome job!!! Don’t lose heart over minor gains focus on the big picture and how far you’ve come. Love you 😘😘😘😘


  3. Games exist and we “waste time” on them for exactly the same reasons we “waste time” on other forms of entertainment. Seriously, what do you get out of Game of Thrones that you don’t get out of Rift? Rift has the added advantage of interactivity (plus a social aspect if you want it). Game of Thrones you just sit on your arse watching GRRM killing your favourite characters.


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