Clothes, again…

Clothes, again… why couldn’t we all just have fur, like a cat? And tails, with which to express ourselves. Much more betterer than fretting over whether to wear the red dress, or the little black number… or whether flat heels would be advisable if you’re going to be standing up most of the day, or should you suffer in silence in order to look fabulous (but stupid!), tottering around all day on aching feet and six inch stilettos… Gimme the furry look any day – so easy to keep clean and neat, especially if you’re a short hair, like I am 😀 …All you have to do is lick it! 🙂

…On second thoughts….

This morning we finally got around to hanging up all himself’s new shirts and tops wot we bought the other day (no, they haven’t been lying around in untidy piles on the sofa, they’ve been shop-folded-up (with tissue paper!) in the bags that the kind, but somewhat Natasha-ish, saleslady put them in) So now they’re all hanging neatly in the wardrobe, and it’s my turn to go through all my tops, and decide which of them I’m going to keep for a while longer (before they get too stupidly big for me), and which ones have already reached that stage and so can be cleaned and sent off to St. Vincent’s… The trouble is, to do that, I have to try them all on, and that requires effort… and you know what I’m like when it comes to “effort”!  That’s right, if they could have an exam on it, I’d get an “E”, and not for “effort”, either! So… the trying on of the clothes will have to wait a day or so (or more, if I can get away with it 😉 ) Tomorrow himself has to play Taxi Driver to Lisa’s dental needs (she has an appointment tomorrow morning), and Wednesday I need the taxi-man to take me to Seaford (no, I’m not looking for a new place to live! 🙂 ), to a place called Lisa’s Lacies, which specialises in underwear and other garments for the larger ladies. I desperately need a new pair of bras… all the ones that I have are so loose, that even done up at their tightest, would almost fall down to my hips, if it weren’t for the straps over my shoulders holding them up! I kid you not… :/

The rest of the day I spent Rifting… well, I would have been Rifting if I hadn’t taken it into my head to “straighten up everyone’s bank vaults”. This took me the rest of the morning and into the late afternoon. However, it’s all done now (for now, at any rate), and we all know: Who’s got the Bound to Account costumes, who’s got the stash of fish needed for crafting, fishing, and survival recipes. Who’s got all the Dimension items, who works the Auction House, and who does the “disenchanting”, or “the breaking down of items into different components generally used for crafting other items”. Well, they will, anyway, as soon as I make and print up the list… 🙂

Weigh-in the morning went alright, if a trifle disappointingly… I only went down to 122.7kg :/ which I thought was a pretty poor effort *pout*. But, at least it didn’t go up. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow!

Well, that’s about it from me for this evening – more tomorrow night when I get back here again. 🙂

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