Nothing new, really…

Really and truly nothing much to tell you this evening. Weigh-in this morning was almost tragic. Up to 122.9kg, almost back into the 123kg area… I predict that tomorrow I’ll be close to 123.5kg. Everything’s a very rude word at the moment, and to tell you the truth I’ve been so depressed that I spent most of this morning crying, and I’ve slept through more than 3/4 of the day. I tried to play Rift this morning, but my eyes kept closing on me… my eyes still want to just close.

So as I said… nothing much to report today. Only one good thing happened, and that is that my favourite youngest daughter’s husband got his license back, after losing it to DUI charges four years ago. Things apparently went really well, and he only has to have an interlock on his car (when he gets one again!) for six months, which is pretty amazing considering the severity of the charge… So at least someone in the family is happy tonight 🙂

More tomorrow night, maybe.

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