…And a good time was had by all…

Yes, today was our weekly “pic-nic in Telara”, or “bashing baddies for fun and profit”. Well, today was both fun and profitable (the fact that I spent nearly all of my hard earned platinum on a new hair style and colour is beside the point!). We both went up another couple of levels and finally got to finish the interminable quest chain about the “Lost Name” (or whatever it was called – it’s complicated!) 😉

My favourite youngest daughter and her other half came over this afternoon and we spent a very pleasant afternoon discussing work and health stuffz – amongst other things, like cats (we both have cat(s)), dog(s) (they have a dog, we don’t), and rabbits (ditto). They live in Hampton Park/Moorabbin, and often take Ralph, the dog, down to the beach to play and run about. I wouldn’t mind living by the sea… My ideal place to live would be on the edge of a high cliff, in an Addams Family type of house (only clean and not so cobwebby!), overlooking a wild ocean… with great big waves smashing against the rocks at the foot of the cliff…. *romantic sigh* 🙂 Instead, we live on the 5th floor of an apartment building, facing west (which means it gets blisteringly hot in summer!), with a 180 degree view of Melbourne. It’s very, very nice (and very convenient, as Doncaster Shoppingtown is right across the road!), but… if we ever decide to move, I want to look for a place with an ocean view… 😉

This morning I found out why my weight seems to go up, towards the beginning of the month… trust himself to notice a pattern and go “looking into it”!

Whenever himself decides to “look into” something, or “research” something, he doesn’t just Google it and pick whatever explanation sounds the most plausible, or choose three of the explanations that seem to agree with eachother the most, and call that the “truth”, oh no! He delves into the subject with the dedication of a Nobel Prize winning scientist, so you can be very sure that when he says “I’ve looked into it”, he does know what he’s talking about!

You see, I take Provera – (it’s a hormonal thing – if you’re a woman, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about; if you’re a man, you don’t need to know!) I take this medication for the first ten days of every month, and it’s during this time when my weight spikes up… and goes back down after I stop taking it. Apparently, Provera can cause fluid retention… (a big problem with me at the best of times) which, of course, causes a slight weight gain (the slight (and temporary) weight gains that have been causing me so much angst!) but which goes away when you stop taking the stuff. So now, when my weight does go up at the beginning of the month, I won’t get quite so paranoid and neurotic about it (but I might – I’m a highly neurotic sort of person 😉 – so please, just bear with me until I re-lose the fluid and my weight starts behaving normally again, OK? 🙂 )

This morning I weighed in at 122.8kg, so it means that I’ve (finally!) broken the 123kg barrier! Yay! 😀 …Now I just have to break the 122kg barrier! Avanti Savoia! (er… ancient family motto… 😉 )

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