Hmmm… there’s really not much to tell you today – we were expecting my favourite youngest daughter and her husband to be coming over this afternoon for a bit of a chat and catch up on things, but as it turned out, they couldn’t make it today and are coming over tomorrow afternoon… So I basically “twiddled my thumbs” (read: played Rift) this morning, while himself went over the road to do the shopping that we forgot to do the day before (and we’d even had a list!). So I made another list today, of all the things we’d forgotten to put on the list last time, and himself went off and got them all.

Shopping lists! If it’s hard to remember all the things you have to get when you’re actually in the supermarket, with everything displayed right in front of you, how much harder is it to remember all the things that you have to write on your list when all the items are not displayed right in front of you?! Don’t answer that, it was a rhetorical question! I’m reminded of “the good old days”, when we didn’t have supermarkets, and everyone made lists in pencil, on spare scraps of paper; and if you wanted groceries, you went to the local Grocer… or bread, then you’d go to the local bakery, which was absolutely nothing like today’s “boutique” bakeries, such as Baker’s Delight or Brumby’s, and the bread really was bread, and tasted delicious! For milk, you went to either the local Dairy or the local Milk Bar (which didn’t sell sandwiches and luke-warm pies from a pie oven!), and the only place you could get meat was the local Butcher. People walked in those days – not many people had cars – so these shops all had to be local. In fact people buying a house often did so because of the reputation of the shops in the area rather than because the house was what they wanted. Sorry, I got side-tracked… My mother had a really nifty shopping list “app” 🙂 It was printed in two columns on heavy cardboard, and listed just about all the common groceries available. It also had a section at the top where you could write important phone numbers, and down each side, next to each of the listed items, it had a little, shiny red “fingernail” shaped marker that you could flip over to point at the needed item, or flip back the other way to indicate that you didn’t need the item. During the week, you’d “mark” things that you were going to need, so that when “shopping day” came, and you wanted to make your shopping list, you just consulted your handy-dandy shopping list “app”, and wrote down everything that had a little red fingernail pointing at it!

Sometimes I wish we still had a shopping list reminder thingy like that… only these days there are just too many items to see all at once, so I guess we’d still forget to put things on our lists… :/

This morning’s weigh-in was a little better – I went back down to where I was on Wednesday, 123.1kg  But I still feel disgruntled about the loss of three days worth of progress! (shakes fist all the powers that be that weren’t listening the other night) I am working to a time table, you know! (I hope they’re listening this time!) 🙂

Anyway, that’s about it from me for this evening – more tomorrow night! 🙂

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