Letter rack…

Once more, I was stuck with no logical title for tonight’s entry… so you’re being treated to yet another objet d’art from my desk top. Don’t worry, there’s still loads more of these to come – I won’t run out of desktop objects in a hurry! 😉

Another horrible morning – I don’t seem to be running out of those, either! :/ Rifted a bit, and sulked… Himself went off to pick up my favourite eldest daughter around ten thirty-ish; more half-hearted Rifting (most annoyment that the expansion didn’t go ahead as scheduled!) until they got back, then we browsed Bored Panda for a while. Have you ever visited Bored Panda? You really, really should! 🙂 It’s a truly wonderful and amazing place – they have some fantastic photography and art work on display – all mind-boggling things, like “Tiny Sculptures Carved Into The Tip Of A Pencil” (amazing!) :), and “25+ Terrifyingly Cute Halloween Costumes For Pets” (too cute! Especially the first little kitten!) 🙂 ….and…. and…. as the saying goes, “many, many more!” 🙂

After lunch we repaired to the lounge room and watched two episodes of “Agents of Shield”, and two episodes of “Person of Interest”, until it was time for Lee to go home…

And now here it is, almost 11.00pm again, and here I am, writing a new blog entry again (myyyy, doesn’t that sound cheery! :/ )

Obviously there was no-one and nothing listening in to my heartfelt pleas last night, or if there was, they decided to be mean… I stayed exactly the same. 123.3kg 😦

I’m sorry if this post is coming across as a bit negative, but, well, I feel a little bit negative at the moment… but I’ll be back tomorrow night, and no doubt I’ll be a bit more cheerful then (or whenever my weight starts to go down again!), promise! 🙂

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