I’m unsure just how I feel about today… it started out disastrously, then deteriorated further when there was no sign of the new expansion in Rift. It’s been pushed back to October 22nd :/ Guess those “teething” problems were more severe that usual… So all those nice new goodies will have to wait a bit longer for us players to get our greedy, grubby little paws onto! Sucks big time! 😦

This morning himself and I went off to have my Warfarin blood test done, and to buy him some new shirts and polo top thingies to go with his new trousers. I must say that the saleslady was quite a “personality”, with a thick mid-european accent… Do any of you remember watching the cartoon “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show”? Rocky was a flying (gliding) squirrel, and Bullwinkle (the Moose) was his best buddy… Anyhoo, they’d have little sketches, Variety Show style, throughout the cartoon, and one in particular was about a totally inept pair of (supposedly) Russian spies – Boris (pronounced Boar-isss) and Natasha, the two speaking in fake, terribly overdone what Americans thought was a Russian accent. Well, this saleslady sounded like that. About the only word she didn’t say to either of us (that I heard, anyway) was [insert best fake Russian accent here] “Darrr-link” [/fake Russian accent]. Boy! was she a tough go-gettem saleslady! I don’t think there was a single item in the shop that she didn’t try to sell us, even when we’d told her that we didn’t like or want checks, horizontal stripes, or licorice allsorts type colours, she kept trotting them out for our inspection. She must have been pretty good though, because she managed to get us to part with around $400 worth of gear… 🙂

By the time I’d had my blood taken and we’d finished dealing with “Natasha” (not her real name! 😉 ), and done a bit of grocery shopping (carefully forgetting the kitchen towels that we’d forgotten to put on the list!), we were pretty much exhausted. Himself picked up some Sushi for his lunch and we headed home for a much needed cup of tea and our lunch.

I played Rift for a while, but my eyes kept glazing over, so discretion being the better part of valour, I decided it was time to go up to the lounge to read a bit (read: ‘have a nap with my feet up’). My favourite eldest daughter rang up to say that she’d finished her second last uni. assignment, and handed it in, so she was free tomorrow; could she come over? Of course 🙂 The last assignment isn’t due until next Monday (she said) so she could work on it over the weekend. It’ll be good to see her tomorrow, doubly so, as our cleaning lady won’t be here (she comes every second Friday) so we won’t have to compete with the noisiest vacuum cleaner in the southern hemisphere 🙂

Now, the reason this morning got off to such a disastrous start, is that my weight didn’t go down… it didn’t stay the same… it went up! Two whole points, to 123.3kg! I feel a complete and utter failure 😦 I weighed myself three times, and it was the same each time *cry* Why?! What am I doing wrong? What can I do to correct this catastrophic and disastrous trend?! …I am most miserabled! 😦

(prays to everything and anything that might be listening) Please, please, let me lose some weight tomorrow! :/

2 thoughts on “Ambivalence…

  1. Mother deadest! Don’t fret about going up 2 points!!! It’s absolutely nothing. I’m gathering that 2 points is like 200g? It is not terrible at all and no surprise. Weight loss goes in phases. The first phase being the big drop (water weight ONLY). The second phase is the small drop (mostly water weight and fat) bthe 3rd phase is slow and steady (this is where you lose the good stuff – fat). It is perfectly normal to have fluid fluctuations. And don’t forget you are now on fluid tablets which you must factor in. Your body has adjusted to the tabs. You had a big drop from the initial dose so its just your body equalising.

    I really wish you wouldn’t weigh yourself daily. This is the reason WHY it is not recommended. Once a week is plenty. I did work 15 years in weight loss so I KNOW what I’m talking about. You have nothing to worry about!!!!

    You are doing a FANTASTIC job and I am incredibly proud of you and what you have achieved so far. You should be thrilled! Try and focus on other success factors and not just the scale. How are your clothes feeling? Look back over your past eating habits and compare to now. There are many other success factors you can focus on and celebrate. You are doing so good! Don’t let a smidge of water retention throw you. Keep up the fab work mother duckling! YOU are awesome!! 😃 Your youngest favourite daughter xxxx


  2. The saleswoman was quite a piece, wasn’t she – worked on the idea that of she threw enough clothes at us we’d end up buying stuff. Well, we bought enough – DESPITE her efforts, I think. She reminded you of Natasha – She reminded me a bit of Gail – the blousey girl who used to work at Palmers. ..


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