Sunday best…

Well, today being Sunday, we spent the day in Telara… had a nice pic-nic, enjoyed the views, and spent a thoroughly enjoyable day bashing wild boars, wolves, and Aelfwar (naughty elves) over the head… picking flowers, gathering firewood for our BBQ, and fossicking for bits of loose ore lying about amongst the rocks… No, really!  That’s what we did! 😉 Eldest daughter and her husband were on their way to Shoppingtown to get some coffee and called in to say hello, briefly… and we solved the dilemma of what to do about our characters and Wolfsbane. We moved them both over to our main shard (server), Laethys.  Brought them into the fold, so to speak 🙂 Laethys has the best and biggest Guild Bank, and the most money, so Lyndisty (my High Elf Mage) and Sudadii (Julian’s Dwarf Rogue/Hunter) should be very comfortable there! 🙂

Not much else happened today – I have a visit to the hairdresser tomorrow morning, and we both have a few things to pick up, wot we forgot about on Saturday (see? It does pay to make a list before you go shopping! 😛 ) Then I have some washing to fold… but apart from that, the day is mine! [Fx: evil laugh]

Weigh-in this morning was probably the best one I’ve ever had! It was only a once-off; it’ll never happen again (unfortunately! 😦 ), but thanks to the squeeze out of my excess fluid by the Lasix, I dropped a whole kilo!!  A whole kilo! So I’ve already broken the 124kg barrier, almost before I’d even started into it – 123.6kg!!  Fantastic! 🙂 Sad that now most of the excess fluid has gone I won’t lose that much again, but at least it’s a whole kilo that I don’t have to worry about anymore, and by no longer retaining excess fluid, weight loss should (cross fingers, eyes and ears!) be steadier and smoother… hopefully…. cross fingers, etc… I suppose, after having said all that, my weight will go up again tomorrow :/ I sure hope not…. 😐

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