A shopping we did go…

As I mentioned we would yesterday, we went over the road with the intention of getting himself some new trousers… four pairs, to be precise… We started of at David Jones, and happily found exactly what we wanted. Unfortunately we wanted two pairs in one colour, and another two pairs of the second colour, only in a short leg (Julian has quite short legs for such a tall person, but he’s very long in the torso). No, they only had one pair in one colour, and none in the other. No, they wouldn’t, or couldn’t order any more in, the girl didn’t say why… just glued her lips together and looked cross. I dunno, maybe she had PMS or something, because she was terse almost to the point of rudeness. Obviously David Jones doesn’t need our money… they did get some of it though, because I spotted a very pretty, two wicked candle in an equally pretty, lidded red glass jar, which I persuaded himself that I couldn’t possibly live without in my bathroom. 🙂

Next we went to Myer. I don’t know – I don’t like Myer very much… it always looks dingy, overcrowded, and somehow “grubby”. Well, the Doncaster Myer does, anyway. We threaded our way through the over-narrow aisles (if they could even be called aisles!), not an easy exercise when you’re stuck in a rather bulky electric wheelchair, and eventually managed to locate a bored and disinterested looking sales chick (I say “chick” instead of “woman”, or “lady”, because she was a typical “chick” sort of girl – if you know what I mean!) We managed to persuade her that we really did want to buy some trousers, but when we said “short leg”, she backed off, shaking her head, and saying “Oh, we don’t stock many of that type – you might be lucky to find two pairs in this whole department”, as she waved vaguely around the horribly cluttered area. In the end, she brought us a couple of pairs for himself to try on, neither of which were even remotely suitable. We left, and went to Roger David, downstairs.

Roger David had one or two likely trouser candidates, and after a lot of stuffing around and himself starting to get grumpy and snappish, we decided to give in, and get four pairs of the same sort – because they didn’t have them in any other colours. They had to be shortened, too, so we won’t see them until next Thursday (hopefully they’ll be ready by then!) I also managed to talk himself into buying two new jumpers for himself. They felt so nice and soft and cuddly (Flipper will love them, even if he doesn’t! 😉 ). One is a soft oatmeal-grey sort of colour, the other is what I call “squashed mulberry” – a sort of maroon colour, only slightly redder…

Then himself picked up some sushi for his lunch, and we came home and had a most welcome cup of tea, and our lunch. I started on the Lasix (anti fluid retention tablets) today – Julian had said “don’t take it until we get home!”, so I took it with my lunch time cup of tea, and it’s just as well I didn’t take it before we went! I’ve been running off to the bathroom pretty much since! Apparently it’s working just fine! (contra indications state that taking it in conjunction with Celebrex (anti inflammatory medication for my arthritis) can lessen its efficacy – I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t! 😉 )

I was more than pleased with my weigh-in this morning – 124.5kg, and that was without the Lasix! 🙂 I do hope it goes down again tomorrow morning! 🙂

More later tomorrow night – don’t forget to put your clocks and watches forwards when you go to bed tonight!

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