Desk lamp…

Yes, it’s another of those posts where I can’t think of a suitable title… Ah well…. So, it’s Monday again, and weather-wise, a dull, dreary day all round.  Himself told me it was going to be warm, but I looked out the window, and decided that probably a jumper was advisable. Went off to the hairdresser this morning – came home not looking much different, except that my hair was cleaner – sort of… they never rinse out all the shampoo; I wonder why they don’t? Just lazy? Don’t see the soap bubbles on the nape of my neck? Who knows – but they end up with my money, and I end up with semi clean hair and an itchy scalp :/

I Rifted the afternoon away, as usual, then repaired to the lounge room to fold the laundry. Then I decided to clean out some drawers to make room for new, and a smaller size, of underwear. Julian got annoyed because he was playing – I mean busy – with some of his newly acquired Commodore 64 gear, and I needed a hand with a few items.  Oh well, all done and neat and tidy again now, and I scored a couple of empty drawers for ron*, too! 🙂

Not too much more to add – pretty hum-drum sort of day, really…  Weigh-in this morning was as I expected, just a weeny bit down, at 123.5kg. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more… noticeable… on my graph… You know, I’ve lost 11kg since August 18th, and I really don’t look all that different! Yes, my slacks are too big, and I had to take the ones I’m wearing at the moment in again this morning for a total of about six inches (or 15cm – whichever you prefer) The main problem with tightening the elastic is that the fabric stays the same, and simply bunches up around the tightened elastic, so your waist (waste?) still looks big and bulky… I don’t want to get new clothes while I still have a lot of weight to lose, so I guess I’ll just have to continue to look fat and bulky until I’ve reached (just under) my goal weight – when I shall invest in new gear – in order to really look any different. :/ 🙂

Well, there it all is – more tomorrow… 😉

*ron = “later on… lateron… late/ron… ron”…. natural progression, see?

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