A visit from my eldest…

I had my eldest daughter Lisa over today – I had to go to the doctor to pick up a couple of repeat scripts, so we picked her up on the way home as she lives close by. We’d just got home when our cleaning lady, E., arrived with a (private) tale of woe – then it was on with the vacuum cleaner and Lisa and I sort of shouted at eachother over the noise until E. had finished… it has to be one of the loudest vacuum cleaners in the southern hemisphere! Then we did what good Victorian ladies always did and retired to the Drawing Room (read: “lounge”, and, well, we live in Victoria, so doesn’t that make us Victorian? 🙂 (can’t vouch for the “ladies” part, though! 😉 )), where we watched a couple of episodes of “Person of Interest”, and one of “Marvelous Agents of Shield” (I think that’s what it’s called, anyway. Good show, too!)

So, all in all, I didn’t get to log into Rift once today, until just a few minutes ago, and they seem to be having a few…. problems… It was fine last night, and their new expansion is due to go live next week, so I can only surmise that in adding a bit of new code prior to the expansion, something kind of important got “overwritten” :/ Hope they get it fixed soonest!

Tomorrow I have to take himself clothes shopping to get some new trews; he hates shopping in general, and shopping for new clothes for himself in particular, so I don’t know that it’ll be much fun for either of us (though I must admit, I get quite a giggle if I have to pull him along by his ear, as I had to do once, many years ago! 😉 ) I need to get a few things for myself, too, and I’ll be able to look in that nice handbag shop near the Valet car park! 😉 I’ll let you all know how we went tomorrow night 🙂

Talking about ‘how things went’, weigh-in this morning was very pleasing! I broke the 125kg barrier, and am down to 124.9kg… I know it’s only a bit under, but it’s under, and that’s the main thing! And this weekend I have to really get going with my exercises, which himself has to help me with by holding the stretchy elastic for me.  We’ve both neglected the exercises somewhat shamefully, I fear, and I have my next visit to Bounce next Wednesday…

Anyway, more tomorrow.. hopefully I’ll be a few notches further down the graph! 🙂

One thought on “A visit from my eldest…

  1. Ya. Weird, that Rift business. When I was on, I asked in public chat – some people hadn’t notice (particularly the loyalty bar thinggy) – but were horrified/concerned/mildly interested to note that it had been broken.
    Great news about your weight!!..


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