Mini sparkling laser lamp…

Ooooh! I do so hate having to think of relevant titles for these posts! (I think I’ve said that before, somewhere else!) I sit here and stare at the screen, racking my brains for something pertinent and intelligent for the evening’s post – and go totally blank. So, as I think I also said before, I’ll just put in the first thing on my desk that my eyes land on – so, “mini (17.5cm), sparkling laser lamp”! 😛

Another fairly quiet day here – Rifted this morning, and managed to get all my girls on Wolfsbane the title “Merchant of Death” (because it sounds good! 🙂 )  You have to kill this grizzling merchant who periodically appears with a broken down caravan and a bunch of bullies just outside the entrance to Meridian, the Defiant capital city. Now, this is easy enough for Defiant (the believers in all things technical ) characters, but just a tad harder for Guardian (the gods are responsible for everything) ones… a bit like fervent Christians turning up outside the gates of jihadi base, waving crosses and singing Christian hymns at the top of their voices. Not a good look! 🙂 However, the title can be got if you stand on a large rock close to where the grizzling merchant appears…. and just… wait. He’ll eventually turn up… Anyway, they all managed to get their titles today, plus a Defiant Porticulum (think “energizer” from Star Trek!) in case they ever want to go back looking for Artifacts (collectables that you can exchange for odds and sods when you get an entire “set” of them, and there can be anywhere from between 3 to 15 or more per set)…  Oh, come on, it’s fun!! 😉

This afternoon, I was very noble minded and went back into the lounge room to finish watching the last three episodes of Survivor… mainly because a new Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, Blood vs. Water, started up last Thursday night, and of course I recorded that, and the episode tonight… I wonder if it might be a smart idea to watch them every week, instead of saving them all up to watch in one (and sometimes two) Survivor ultra marathons… hmmm…. I might think about that… 😉

Well, I might have been right about the early morning weigh-in not being accurate yesterday, as today, I weighed in at 125.1kg! Wow! With any luck, I might just break the 125kg barrier tomorrow, or the next day… [wistful look] 🙂

You know, before I started this weight loss thingy, we honestly didn’t know how much I did weigh… Julian sort of (as it turned out!) over guestimated that I was around about 150kg, so of course, when anyone asked me how much I weighed, we’d always say “We think, around 150kg” And that sort of became my “official” weight… :/ When it became imperative that I lose weight for some surgery that I have to have, we finally got a set of scales that would actually take my weight (which we thought was 150kg) That turned out to be quite wrong. I weighed in at 134.something kg! (yippee!  less weight to have to lose! 😉 ) The weight loss challenge was officially “on”. The trouble was, all my doctors (well, two of them, anyway) vowed and declared that I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own, I was going to need Bariatric surgery – and that’s when all the hoo-ha about bariatric surgery started.  After talking to a couple of Bariatric surgeons, I thought “Nah, this isn’t for me. I can do it on my own.” Honestly, it would have been funny, if it wasn’t such a serious step that they want you to make – they all push their own preferred form of surgery and denigrate any others so hard that, as I said, it would have been funny… if they weren’t thinking of such drastic steps as removing 2/3 of your stomach – permanently! Sorry, that one really appalled and upset me (actually, I cried! The thought scared the hell out of me!) – I’m 68 years old and probably only have another 30 years left in me, if that, and if I’m horrified at the thought of such a dire procedure, how the hell can a young, 38+ year old ever be persuaded that it’s a good idea? Listen peoples, if you have weight problems, unless you have that very rare condition in which you never feel full and consequently feel the need to eat large amounts of food almost constantly (I don’t know the name of it – sorry!), DON’T let them talk you into drastic, irreversible surgery! Just don’t! Have a lap band put in if you must – at least that’s reversible – but please, do your homework! Read everything you can find on the Bariatric sleeve surgery, not just the print-outs and pamphlets the surgeon will give you, and see if you can find out what the long term outlook is (>5 years!). You know what? It doesn’t have a long term outlook report longer than about 5 years! It hasn’t been around long enough for one to have been formed! The best they can say about it is “so far, so good”! And peoples?  If I can do this, anyone can! It’s not a matter of willpower, it’s a matter of being philosophical and saying “yes, it’s boring, bland and repetitive… but it’s not forever!” and you can dream of next Easter, and its chocolate eggs and hot angry rabbits..! 🙂

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