Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.09

06.08 pm

Well, here I am finally – only a day late! As you’ve all probably guessed, I got a bit caught up in Draenor, with Wïnter and Malinconia last night! We had a really good day – and finished off a lot of the smaller quests in Shadowmoon Valley, both of us scrambling up a couple of levels from level 92 to level 95, with neither of us dying! Pretty good, I thought, for our first foray into Draenor as a team! We actually played a little more this afternoon, too, but Julian had some shopping to do, and I had Josh coming over to do my hair, so we only got about an hour and a half in today. I think we might have a small problem though – we had to decide whether to put an Artillery Tower or an Arcane Sanctum at Fort Wrynn, and without paying much attention to what we were doing, we each chose one. Now, the general advice when choosing what really boils down to a “Profession” based option, is that if you’re going to be playing long-term with someone, as Julian and I do, you should always choose the same option, because the Artillery Tower and the Arcane Sanctum both have different quest chains linked to them, and it’s ever so much more easier, if you and your co-player are both on the same quests. You don’t have to be, of course – it just makes life easier. F’rinstance, yesterday we were up in Gorgrond at Highpass, and we had to make a choice of building either a Lumber Yard, or a Sparring Arena – which we did discuss – briefly, and because neither of us is very much into ye olde “Gladiatorial Combat” type scenarios, we both decided to build the Lumber Yard – easy-peasy! And of course, we both got the same sets of quests attached to the option we’d chosen. We should a thunk today, but we didn’t. I chose the Arcane Sanctum, because I’m sorta into all that kinda ookey-spookey stuff, and Julian chose the Artillery Tower, because he’s sorta into engineering and “how things work” type of stuff! We were both sent off in completely different directions to acquire the necessaries for our two choices and naturally Malinconia came along to give Wïnter a helping hand, as Wïnter did when we came to do Malinconia’s – but we were both “flying blind”! I had no idea what his quest entailed, or what we were supposed to accomplish – all I could do was try to kill anything that seemed to be making a threatening move towards either of us – and Malinconia had the same problem while we were doing Wïnter’s set of quests! I think we’ve finished off those two quest chains – if so, then as long as we’re careful not to get too far ahead of eachother, from now on we should be on all the same quests. I’m not sure if there are any more “Outposts” that we have to establish, but if so, I, for one, shall endeavour to be mindful of trying to keep our individual choices parallel from now on! 🙂

Ooops! Dinner time – back soon-ish…

09.35 pm

Back again… so, this afternoon Julian and I took Wïnter and Malinconia out to stretch their legs a bit, but this morning, after I’d completed Wynterthyme’s “chores” with her Fleet and her Followers, I took poor neglected Arisnoë out, to do a bit of questing – and I’m very pleased to say that she has at long last reached level 98 – for which she picked up one new, “Passive” ability (meaning that you don’t physically call on the ability, it’s just added to your list of… well, “attributes”, I suppose you’d call them…) Unfortunately, she still has another two levels to go before she can start making any improvements or upgrades to her Garrison 😦 though she has been given a book to take to Stormshield in Ashran, which I think will allow her to buy level 3 “Blueprints” for Garrison Buildings – or at least that’s what I hope it is!

So anyway, that’s how I’ve been occupying myself for the past two days – so now I suppose I’d better get on with the “interesting bits”! 🙂

Food stuffz: Last night being Sunday night, we had omelets for dinner – a reprise of the last week’s fried Halloumi cheese bits and bacon, to which the rest of the omelet mixture of eggs, onion, red pepper, and a family top-secret mixture of herbs and spices, was added. Very delicious! For dessert I had a slice of Almond-meal cake, one dried fig, and one date. Today for lunch I had a really lovely sandwich made with the Baker’s Delight sesame-crusted whole-meal loaf, with basil-pesto hummus instead of butter, and turkey “sandwich chunks” – honestly, I don’t think there’s a better combination for a sandwich that that, anywhere in the universe! It’s almost worth the price I’d have to pay if I had a second one! Tonight for dinner we had fillet steak… not our customary King Island steak, but “Three Island Steak”, which actually comes from Flinder’s Island – and I was most curious to know how it would compare with our usual King Island fare… Well, I can tell you truthfully, it was every bit as good as, if not better than, the King Island steak – so guys and gals, if you’re browsing through the supermarket one afternoon, wondering what to get for dinner, and you see either the King Island brand or the Three Island brand, don’t hesitate, get one of each and compare it yourselves! Your mouth and your stomach will think that you’ve died and gone to heaven, it’s that good! For dessert tonight I had exactly what I had last night – a slice of cake (and hopefully there’ll be enough of it left for a slice tomorrow night as well!) one dried fig, and one date *burp* 😉

Weigh-in yesterday morning. Was not good. Not good at all! Thank heavens I only have tomorrow morning left of these horrible, dreadful, awful little fluid-loving and retaining pills! I went from 64.0kg to… 64.7kg! I was devastated! I’m not doing anything differently! I’m eating the same things, I’m drinking the same things, I’m doing all the same things! So… Why! See?! no rhyme nor reason! My feet have been hideously swollen in the evenings – but they’re quite often like that, and even the [censored] doctors don’t know why (unless they’re just not telling me because they don’t want to upset me or something) And you know what? If I thought that was bad – seven points overnight, for no apparent reason –

Weigh-in this morning. All I can say is that yesterday was damn good, in comparison! I think I have reached crisis point, and I don’t think that even Julian knows how sick I feel about it all! If I go up again tomorrow, I’m going to have to go back on the Optifast diet for a while. No, I’m not exaggerating or being melodramatic. This morning I went from 64.7kg… to 64.9kh – one lousy little point off “Maintenance” weight! And I don’t know why! I mean, if I’d been going out every day and indulging and making a pig of myself, well, I’d only have myself to blame and I wouldn’t expect anything else… But I haven’t! Lord knows, Julian’s with me all the time, he sees what I eat and what I don’t eat – and I’m honestly not in denial – I’m eating exactly the way I have been since last September, or whenever it was that I hit Maintenance, except for a couple of days over Christmas, and a week over Easter. I’m not happy.

And so to tomorrow. I think I’m almost too scared to get on the scales tomorrow – because I just know that for the first time in over seven months I’m going to be over 65kg again *cry* About the only good thing about tomorrow is that my very favourite eldest daughter will be coming over… I’m not sure what we’ve got to watch at the moment, except for the first two episodes of the final, very short season of “Person of Interest”, in which I sincerely hope that all the loose ends and bits of straggly string that have been left lying around will finally get knotted, tied, and neatly trimmed! It’s been an excellent series, but I can’t see how they can end it without a lot of angst and recriminations, unless they do a George R R Martin, and kill  off everyone you ever liked in the show, which is just about everyone 😦 And that, believe it or not, is about it from me for tonight – I do try to get my blog written before dinner every night, because I utterly hate having to come and sit down and write after dinner and watching – whatever we watched on television (tonight we watched Midsomer Murders, wot we recorded last night) and sometimes I’m a little (alright then, a lot!) late, and sometimes it doesn’t get written until the next day (or night) so apologies in advance for the next time it happens! Do feel free to drop in again tomorrow night to see how much my weight went over 65kg, what my favourite daughter and I watched on television, and how our “girls” are getting along in Draenor! Until then though, please try to bee good, remember that everyone smiles in the same language, and don’t forget to take care of yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry in this blustery late autumn weather… but above all, pleasedon’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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