Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.10

04.42 pm

Well, I’d thought that my very favourite eldest daughter was going to have been over today, but she wasn’t feeling all that crash hot so she’s taken a Rain Check until Friday – so I had the day to slop around in Draenor for a bit! This morning it seemed to take me for-evah to work through all of Wynterthyme’s “chores” – collecting the proceeds from all the Missions that both her Fleet and her Followers had been on, and then organising said Fleet and Followers, and sending them out again on new Missions, to be collected and collated this evening. Then she had her Fishing Daily to complete, so I raced off and did that – I dunno, by the time I’d finished with Wynterthyme in Draenor, it was nearly lunch time in Vermont South, Victoria, and I was only able to get in a relatively short time in with Arisnoë! After lunch, Julian and I managed to get about an hour and a half in with Wïnter and Malinconia, but it was a time very well spent, as we managed to get through a couple of fairly simple quest chains, before Julian had to head off to do much more mundane jobs, like copying our inherited tapes, CDs, and LPs to the file server, mainly as a way of preserving them for posterity, but also to make it easier to find and play them if we feel like it. We copy quite a few to little USBkeys, to take in the car with us, too! Talking about music, isn’t it really weird, how a piece of music that you haven’t heard for (quite literally, sometimes!) years, and with no recognition or memory “trigger” to start you thinking about that particular tune, will suddenly invade your mind and – almost with a sigh of satisfaction – embed itself into your brain, where it will remain, blissfully humming its way through every single thing you do, until it almost drives you to distraction! Where did it come from? What triggered its recall? Why here? Why now? – f’rinstance, Julian was telling me this morning that he had a very old Doris Day song going through his head, apparently called (I looked it up just before!) “Perhaps… Perhaps… Perhaps” – now, Julian’s far too young to have been terribly familiar with Doris Day songs, and there’s absolutely nothing going on in our lives at the moment that involves any sort of speculation or indecision! So… what made it suddenly pop into his mind? Where did it come from? It’s weird… and I also, before he told me about the Doris Day song running through his mind, suffered a similar visitation! It was a song by George Michael, called “Praying for Time” – and I don’t even like George Michael all that much (wonderful voice, but not a nice man!) let alone that particular song (I find it slightly maudlin and a bit “preachy”) so… why did it suddenly pop into my mind? My mind was miles away, thinking about where to go for my belated Mother’s Day luncheon next Sunday, and would I, or would I not, cave in and get Arisnoë into some Heirloom gear – it gives a slight “boost” to earning experience points (which helps you level up a bit faster!) and poor old Arisnoë is crawling along (more like staggering along!) at the moment, as slowly as an ancient and arthritic snail – Arisnoë doesn’t have the luxury of leveling up with a partner – she’s doing it all on her lonesome – except when she can’t, which is usually heralded with a doleful wail of: “Joooo-lien! I can’t (whatever it is that I can’t do)” – so I have no earthly idea where that song came from, or why it chose that particular moment to infiltrate my usually heavily guarded mind! 😉 I don’t really mind when a song sneaks unbidden into your mind, and decides to stay for a while – I’d just like to know how and why it happens!

And now on to more interesting things! 🙂

Food stuffz: As I told you all, last night we had a piece of delicious “Three Island Steak”, which came from Flinder’s Island, and it was really seriously good! With it we had chips, green beans, and our usual half a tomato. For dessert I had a small slice of cake, a single dried fig, and one nice, juicy date. For lunch today I had a sandwich – made from the very tasty Baker’s Delight sesame-crusted whole-meal loaf, with mashed roast pumpkin instead of butter on one side of the sandwich, and mashed, cold boiled potato instead of butter on the other, with some of the leftover roast beef that we had the other night in the middle! Absolutely scrumptious! That marinated “chunk” of roast beef was fantastic – extremely good value for money, and almost without a skerrick of fat on it (though you do need a little bit of fat on meat, just to give it some flavour!) I mentioned to Julian that we should have it more often, and he agreed with me – so hopefully we’ll be having it again, soon-ish! 😉 Tonight we’re having the last of the “Lamb & Harissa Lasagne with Feta and Oregano” – that particular recipe – which says it feeds eight – has fed us for four meals! The first night, when Julian first cooked it, and then from the freezer to the oven for three subsequent meals! Naturally Julian had divided the leftovers up into individual single-serve portions, as we didn’t want to be freezing and re-heating it too many times! Tomorrow, I will get the rest of that recipe written up properly, and it should be waiting for you all in the Recipe section of my blog! And for dessert tonight – there is enough Almond-meal cake left for tonight, but I’m not sure that I should have it – even though I do like it so very much… I will, however, be having a small bowl of the Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding, with some sort of sugar-free fruit on it.

Weigh-in this morning. Was horrible and very humiliating. I went from 64.9kg to 65.1kg. I am in despair. I just don’t know what to do! I took my last [heavily censored] fluid loving and retaining pill this morning – thank heavens – but it’ll take at least three or four days for me to work their evil out of my body – and who knows how much higher my weight will go in the meantime! I may, really, have to go back onto the Optifast diet for a month or so… 😦 All my hard work and perseverance – stripped completely away in ten bloody days! No. I am not a Happy Little Vegemite! I can say “I did it once, I can do it again!” – but then in three months time, it’ll go down the same path! What is it they say? “Practice makes perfect – but nobody’s perfect, so what’s the point of practicing?!”

And so to tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have another Warfarin blood test! Let’s hope it’s a bit better than the last one wasn’t – I could really do with a bit of good news, concerning this [heavily censored again] body of mine! Oh well – I’ll probably do some more Arisnoë-ing, and get my Heirloom gear organised – it’s “Account-wide”, so all my characters have access to it – and although it’s only suitable up to level 90 at the moment, you can buy (for an exorbitant price!) “upgrades” for it – so I’ll see how she goes with that – well, I guess it’ll either work, or it won’t! It certainly helped Malinconia catch up to Wïnter, who had somehow managed to get nearly half a level ahead of her. Here’s hoping, anyway! 🙂 And that, gentle readers, is about it from me again for this evening!Don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow night to see if the Heirloom armor is working for Arisnoë, and if my weight is starting to subside at all, or if it’s still on the way up (as I expect it will be for another couple of days – my feet still look like balloons!) I’ll make sure I have that recipe up for you all, too – so stay tuned! 🙂 In the meantime, please try ultra hard to bee good, remember that a pessimist complains about the wind; an optimist expects it to change; but realist adjusts the sails… and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to keep warm and dry in this horrible weather that we’re having, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly – please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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