Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.07

04.38 pm

Well, here it is, Mother’s Day Eve, and I’m starting more-or-less on time! Apart from organising Wynterthyme’s Fleet and Followers this morning, completing a Fishing quest, and sending some stuff I wanted Auctioned off to Ambermyst, I’ve been pretty-much working with Akåsha, who is now almost level 14! Oh, my Warfarin results came in late last night, and they weren’t good at all! My INR was up from 2.9 to 3.7 – w-a-y too high! Ideally, it should be about 2.5 or thereabouts, and neither Julian nor I could think of any reason why it should be so high this week! Nothing in our life has changed – our daily routine hasn’t changed in any way, and our diets are the same too – I’ve not been sitting down to bowlsful of spinach, brussels sprouts, or any other type of “leafy greens”, and I’ve not eaten anything high in vitamin K (that I know of! Is there a lot of vitamin K in dates or dried figs? and even if there was, I hardly think that eating just one a night would make all that much of a difference! Surely!) The only thing that is slightly different is that – thanks to losing so much weight, my doctor has reduced the amount of blood pressure medication that I take – instead of taking 4mg a day, I now take 2mg (and depending on what my blood pressure is next week, I might even have to come off them altogether!) But that medication change was mentioned on the green form that goes off to Dorevitch along with my test-tube of blood… Anyway, they want me to have another blood test – next Wednesday! I haven’t had blood tests so close together since I came home from hospital last year with all my Warfarin prescriptions! I don’t really mind, but it’s a hassle, nonetheless. If they’d come here to do the blood test, I wouldn’t care… Oh well, let’s just hope I don’t cut myself before they get me stabilised again – we’d never get the blood out of the grouting! 😉

So, Julian has been working hard on Malinconia, who’s now just over level 91 – so we should be able to start playing the two of them – Wïnter and Malinconia – tomorrow morning! Did I mention the other day that Wynterthyme spent a whole chunk of Guild Bank money to get herself a magical potion that allows her to transform into a Dragon, and seeing as she’s the vehicle, she can give rides to other people! Mouselet has the same ability, and if I had a gold coin for every time he’s flown Wynterthyme (and most of my other alts!) around, I’d be an excessively rich Night Elf! And because Wïnter is on my second account, I can have both Wynterthyme and Wïnter online at the same time, and Wynterthyme could fly Malinconia around, and Mouselet could fly Wïnter around – at the same time! If we really needed to, that is, because now that Wynterthyme and Mouselet have their Flying Licences for Draenor, all our alts can now fly in Draenor too! I just can’t wait to get going with Wïnter and Malinconia – being able to fly around doing quests is going to make them so much easier! I have a feeling that with the two of them working together, plus being able to fly, is going to make the two of us almost unstoppable, and I think we’ll both reach level 100 a lot sooner than Wynterthyme and Mouselet did!

I spoke to my very favourite youngest daughter today – she’s really enjoying her new job, but she sounds terrible! Her husband Terry has had the flu, and from the sound of her voice, she’s just caught it from him! I don’t get sick often, and when I do get something “ordinary” (like a head cold, or the flu) I’m always better in about a day. However, when I do get “Sick” (with a capital “S”!) I get really, really sick – and it’s usually something that no-one’s ever heard of, or something really, really serious, and quite often, actually life-threatening. Like, I mean, if I’m gunna get sick, I might as well do it properly, right? Go the whole hog? Inject a little excitement and trauma into everyone’s lives… 😉 Thankfully, I don’t do it very often…

And now for the interesting bits of the day!

Food stuffz: Last night we had the King Island Beef sausages, and I think we’d forgotten how much nicer they were than all the other beef sausages – well, I know I had, anyway! They are a teeny bit larger – not a lot, though – and they’re definitely “denser” than the other ones – how to explain it? Hmm… When you stick your fork into a sausage, and start to cut it, the “sausage filling” inside the non-King Island Beef sausages was a lot “sloppier”, or more loosely packed into the sausage skins, and the sausage meat would often fall away from the skin, making a rather raggedy looking disk of cut sausage. The the “sausage filling” inside the King Island Beef ones was very firmly packed in – almost to the point that when you cut a piece of sausage off, it almost felt as though it was going to burst, from the thick sausage filling straining against the skin. This gave them an altogether different texture and “mouth feel”, and also, while still nice and “juicy”, they still seemed a little dryer than the non-King Island ones… Verdict? I most definitely like them a lot more than the non-King Island Beef sausages! With the sausages we had chips, green beans, and the ubiquitous half a tomato. For dessert, I had one yummy plump date, and a slice of the freshly made Almond-meal cake, which was superb! It doesn’t rise very high, in fact I’d say it wasn’t much more than about 2.5 cm high – and curiously, like the King Island sausages, it was very dense! (it’s been quite a while since we’ve had this yummy cake, and really, all I could remember about the Almond-meal cake was that it was absolutely to die for! (and it still is!)) It reminded me a lot of the semolina and chestnut-meal cakes that my cousin Ilda used to make sometimes when I was a little girl, only our cake doesn’t have any semolina in it and is almond flavoured rather than chestnut flavoured. I really must search for that recipe – it was made in much the same way, only it used chestnuts, and had rosemary and pine nuts in it. I think it’s the texture of the two cakes almost more than the taste that’s so fantastic… hmm… for lunch today I had a sandwich made from the Baker’s Delight sesame seed crusted, whole-meal bread (beautiful!) with roast-beef (sandwich meat) low-fat Swiss cheese, and Beerenberg Red Pepper Relish. All very tasty and delicious! For dinner tonight, we’re having a marinated roast beef, with roast pumpkin, steamed (or boiled) baby new potatoes (which we’ll have with some low-fat plain Greek yoghurt instead of butter) green beans, and… the usual half a tomato 🙂 For dessert I’ll have another slice of that scrumptious Almond-meal cake, another plump, juicy date, and a dried fig.

Weigh-in this morning. Was very disappointing! Despite all the walking I did yesterday, and all those dangerous stairs that I struggled up and dithered down, despite the fact that I did indeed remember to take my anti-fluid tablet after lunch, I went from 63.6kg up to 64.0kg! It was probably those wretched fluid retaining and loving pills that I’m on at the moment! Thank goodness, I only have another three days of them to go (and then another four for my body to adjust and start shedding the fluid again!) …I suppose I’ll probably be up again, tomorrow 😦

Ah yes… tomorrow! Our Day in Draenor! I’m looking forward to tackling that with Wïnter and Malinconia! I suspect that because I’d already made it to level 92 (possibly with assistance from Mouselet, if I have done the much dreaded (by me!) “Battle for Karabor”) we will probably be quite a bit “out of sync”, quest-wise – but that’s OK too – if neither of us have done a quest, we’ll do it together, and if one of has done a particular quest and the other hasn’t, that’s OK too – we’ll still both do it together! And as I said before – being able to fly now will make questing and leveling up a great deal quicker! As Malinconia is a Shaman, and Wïnter is a Beastmaster Hunter, we’re actually pretty much clones of Wynterthyme and a female version of Mouselet! I think it’ll be a lot of fun! 🙂 And once more, that’s really about it from me for this evening! Don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow night to find out which way my weight went – up or down (most likely up, I fear!) how Wïnter and Malinconia got on during their very first day of questing together! Did they make friends immediately? Did they take an instant dislike to eachother? Did they go up a level, or die? As well as the very important question of: is there any Almond-meal cake left! 😉 However, until tomorrow night, please do try to bee good, remember not to stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry in Melbourne’s dynamic and mercurial weather… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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