Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.27

04.45 pm

Well, that was interesting! With Julian’s help, I’d just finished doing one of the first Night Elf Dungeons – “Black Fathom Deeps”, completely forgetting that the Podiatrist was coming around at 4.00 pm this afternoon! Luckily, having just completed the Dungeon, I’d Hearthed back to Darnassus, so I was able to instantly Quit out, change my glasses so that I’d be able to see what the Podiatrist was doing to my feet, and scuttle down to the lounge room! Oh – I see! I guess you’re all wondering what I was doing in a Dungeon in the first place, as I’m always saying that “we don’t do Dungeons!”, in that slightly disparaging and disapproving tone of voice. Well, the thing is, you see, there’s a rather nice “Special Gold Elite” Turtle down there, which is Tamable, and I sort-of thought that he’d make a damn fine Tenacity Pet for me – so when I asked Julian whether Mouselet would mind giving me a hand with this Dungeon, I must have thought that after all these years, he’d be able to read my mind, and I ummforgot to mention this somewhat salient fact to him, resulting in the entirely accidental death of the “Tenacious Mr. Special Gold Elite” Turtle. *sigh* Oh well, I can either go back in again with Mouselet next week, when the Dungeon’s has been re-set, or I can wait until Phoenìx’s level 100 (or thereabouts) and go back and do it again on my own… Phoenìx is now level 25, has completely finished with Teldrassil and Darkshore, and has moved on to Ashenvale, so she’s coming along rather well, I think! I’ll try to do a bit more with her tonight, after dinner and television, as I’d like to try to get her up to level 30 by the end of the day…

Actually, not much else of interest or note has occurred today – Flipper is being her usual noisy and demanding self, Auric and Dapple have been coping with their new “flakes” of Fish Food much more betterer than they weren’t on their little round pellets – so far, with 30% of their water changed, and their new type of food, they’ve shown no more signs of the very distressing “floaties” that they were suffering from – actually, I have no idea how distressing it was for them at the time, but it was most certainly distressing for us to witness! Julian tried an experiment today – he walked up and down in front of the tank… and Auric and Dapple followed him! Turning, if he turned, and swimming to the end of the tank if he didn’t turn back before they got there! He gives them their breakfast, I generally give them their dinner – and I know they recognise me because when I go over to the tank to say hello to them or whatever, they come rushing up to the front of the tank, and swim expectantly up to the top, waiting for their dinner, the greedy little sods! 🙂

And now for the good bits! 😉

Food stuffz: Last night we both had a small bowl of pasta with tomato sauce and a little bit of grated parmesan for dinner, because Julian’s mouth was still quite sore from having five fillings changed that afternoon. For dessert, we didn’t have a small tub of low-fat fruit yoghurt, we had another small-ish bowl of the really yummy Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding, with a couple of slices of tinned-peach-from-a-jar on top of the rice… and I had the very last 😥 of my very special, exceedingly delicious, Mother’s Day cookies that my very favourite youngest daughter made for me 😥 Tonight for dinner we’re having a reprise of those very nice pork sausages wot we had the other night – the ones with the Kakadu plums and Lemon Aspen that I was telling you about? Probably with chips, steamed green beans, and half a tomato. I might try one of my Corella pears tonight, to see if they’re ripe enough to eat yet – if they are, I’ll eat it – if not I’ll “dispose of it thoughtfully”, and have a small tub of low-fat yoghurt instead (because unfortunately I think we’ve run out of the Rice Pudding! We’ll get some more tomorrow though!)

Weigh-in this morning. Was within the usual margin of error – I went from 64.4kg to 64.3kg – so more-or-less the same – not down enough to really register as a loss, or a “change”! But who knows what it might be tomorrow, with no more “extra special” double-choc and cherry Mother’s Day cookies left! Kate dear, if you’re reading this, I’d like you to know how much I appreciated them, and how very delicious they were – and if you’re ever feeling bored, and have nothing better to do, well, you could always whip me up another batch? I wouldn’t mind, honestly! 😀

Which finally brings me to tomorrow – Saturday! Well, we may, or we may not, be doing some shopping. Last time we were out, on Wednesday, when I had my Warfarin blood test done, we did go to The Glen, but unfortunately I had to just sit around and read my kindle while Julian went off to do the shopping, because he’d forgotten to put Ned-Lena* (my stick) in the car, and while I can walk around perfectly normally without it when I’m in bare feet, the minute you put shoes on me the best I can manage is a sort of a drunken stagger! I’ll say it again, in case anyone missed it when I’ve spoken about my strange allergy to shoes in the past – I hate shoes. I can’t balance properly in shoes. Shoes are the bane of my existence! If I’m going somewhere where I absolutely must wear a pair of shoes, I have to have Ned-Lena – or find somewhere to sit and twiddle my thumbs, or read my kindle, until it’s time to go home – end of story! So, anyway, Ned-Lena is now back in the car, and I sort of feel like I’ve missed out on a shopping trip – though knowing me, it’ll probably depend on the weather, whether I go or not! 🙂 And that, gentle readers, is about it from me again for this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night to find out whether I did go shopping, if my weight has made any proper moves, upwards or downwards (though hopefully downwards!) and whether I managed to get Phoenìx up to level 30 or not! But until then, please do try to bee good, remember that every thought we think is creating our future, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry now that it’s almost winter… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*Ned-Lena – because like Ned Kelly, it “holds me up” when I “Lean-uapon” it! 😉