Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.15

Here I am at long last… I was playing a bit of Final Fantasy XIV and I got a bit carried away and didn’t notice the time! (well, that’s my excuse, anyway, and I’m sticking to it! 😉 ) Although we had a relatively early morning (we had to be at the Doctor’s by 11am to pick up our prescriptions) I still would have had time to do quite a lot of things, like finish looking at my mail, have a quick look at Facebook, and maybe play a bit of Rift, or Final Fantasy XIV, except that my computer decided to do stupid things, like not work, so Julian had to drop everything and come and fix it. Which took time, because it needed three or four re-boots before the (still unknown!) problem was taken care of. As usual, he blames Windowblinds, and as usual, I insist on using it! It works fine, until it decides, for no apparent reason, not to – but it’s pretty – well, prettier that boring old vanilla-flavoured Windows anyway (but that wouldn’t be hard, would it! 😉 ) So by the time I got my computer back, I barely had time to set up my Minions (in Rift – I don’t have any “Minions” in real life, unfortunately!) before we had to leave – in fact, I was lucky to even finish my breakfast! :/ Anyway, off we went – Dr. B. was very pleased with both of us, weight-wise, and was extra pleased with my blood pressure. She also said that I can take two anti-fluid tablets instead of just the one that I’m currently taking while I’m on those wretched fluid retaining pills! So maybe next time I won’t sit at the same stupid weight, or close to it, for ten whole days straight! That really upset me, and while the setting up of the apartment for the sale campaign was upsetting and stressful, that business with my weight refusing to budge more than one point either way really pushed me to my limits! Still, the sale campaign has been postponed until after we’ve moved out of here and into Stillwater, which is a real blessing – and hopefully my weight has re-started its migration downwards – though I’m still expecting a few nasty surprises from the scales (but that’s me I guess – ever the pessimist!) After we’d picked up our prescriptions we went and picked up my favourite eldest daughter – she’s lost 22kg, you know! I think that’s fantastic! She’s back at uni now, but luckily all her classes are on the same day – Monday – so she has an early start and a very late finish on Mondays, but at least she has the rest of the week to recover from it 🙂 Anyway, she hasn’t been over this week – everything’s just been a bit too chaotic. Monday she was at uni – yesterday we were out furniture shopping, tomorrow I’m having my hair re-coloured, and on Friday, her husband has the day off so she’ll want to be at home with him. Which left today, but if we’d picked her up and come back here after being at the Doctor’s, we wouldn’t have had time to do anything sensible, so we picked her up and went on to The Glen, where we went to The Shingle Inn for “brunch” instead. Now, “brunch” usually stands for a cross between “breakfast” and “lunch“, only in this instance it stands for a cross between “(Optifast) bar” and “lunch“! She and I ate our Optifast bars (she had a chocolate one, and I had a cappuccino one) and Julian had a Caesar Salad 🙂 Then they made the mistake of leaving me alone in Priceline, where I kept finding things that I’d forgotten that I really needed…  while they went off to fill the prescriptions. When they came back for me, Lee was aghast at my handfuls of “stuff”, and Julian scowled at my innocent expression as I explained how I’d “forgotten” to get them “last time” (besides, I’ve told him before – “never leave me alone in a Chemist, or a Priceline shop! I’ll just buy stuff! ” Is it my fault if he forgets? (*innocent look at screen*))

Then we dropped Lee home, and went on to our soon-to-be new local shopping centre at Vermont South, where Julian was able to procure a Post Office Box, after which we came home. I immediately shed my shoes, grabbed by gear, and raced off to do my – extremely late – lunch-time Stair Walk. Then I decided to have a bit of a play with Final Fantasy XIV… until I suddenly realised how late it was getting, and I hastily logged out to start writing this. Tomorrow, I’m going to have to be dropped off very early over at Doncaster Shoppingtown – the stupendous Sharron and her crew are coming to collect the… rental furniture… at 9.30am. My hair appointment is at 10, so I’m going to have nearly an hour to kill before I’m due at Oscar Oscar. Oh dear – whatever shall I do for an hour? Left all alone in a shopping centre, with nothing to do but look in the shops… 😉 The other day when we were over there I saw a lovely lipstick in Inglot… I might go and have another look at it… then again, I might not – I can’t get the wheelchair into the shop without having help to steer it. *sigh* Oh well, ’twas but an idle thought… 😉 Then sometime after two o’clock our furniture – or some of it, anyway – will be returned. I can’t wait! At long last! Something comfortable to sit on in the evening! Not much will be coming home – the couch and the two recliner chairs, the chest that goes at the foot of the bed, and my little “wheelie-table” that’s so handy for putting things on as you walk between the bedroom, the bathroom, and the Den. Friday is clear, so we may go looking for desks and/or glass-topped tables… and mirrors! When I said last night that we had everything except the desks, some sort of comfortable chairs for the Den, the bedroom mirror, and the bookcases, I’d forgotten about the outdoor furniture for the huge entertainment deck! So we’ll probably go to Hardly Normal, to look at their outdoor furniture and their desks (and small, glass-topped tables, if they have any!) It would be fantastic if we could get those on Friday, but I fear that the desks and/or glass-topped tables will not be an easy find! :/

Weigh-in this morning. Another blooming miracle! I lost another three points, dropping me from 84.0kg to 83.7kg! Please cross all your fingers, toes and eyes that I don’t bounce back because I really need to lose as much weight as I possibly can between now and July 21st… :/

Another note on Final Fantasy XIV – Lee says that at level 7, I’m still pretty much in the starting “tutorial” area (but I had already guessed as much) I think I’m still trying to decide on what “Class” I want to play – which is one of the reasons I keep creating new characters, but Lee says that unlike WoW and Rift, it’s ridiculously easy to change “Class” – that it’s mainly a matter of changing your weapon (or wand, or staff, or sword… or whatever) so I might give that a try tonight, as I rather like my latest “creation”, called Azsharah, who is currently an Arcanist Mage. I’d like her to become a Thaumaturgist, who does more damage (I think!) than the Arcanist or Conjurer Mages. I’ll let you know how I go with trying to change Class. If I have to buy a new or different type of weapon, I might be a bit stuck – at only level 7, I don’t think I have enough money to buy a new weapon…. yet! 🙂 Anyway, I think that’s probably about it from me for tonight – but do drop in again tomorrow night – find out if our much-loved and sorely missed furniture has come home again, and whether my weight has continued to behave itself… as well as whether or not I managed to change Classes in Final Fantasy XIV or not. And if you’re really lucky I might even have some photos of how my new hair colour turned out… 😉 However, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to find all those things out – I know I’m good, but I’m not that good! Even I can’t see into the future! 🙂 So until then, bee good, don’t forget that if you do what you need, you’re surviving, but if you do what you want, you’re living… and please remember to drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep warm – but most importantly, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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