Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.16

We had a really early morning today – we got up at seven o’clock, not half past seven! It was quite a shock to the system, too! Julian had to deliver me to Shoppingtown by about a quarter to nine because Sharron’s crew were coming to take away the horrible rented furniture at nine o’clock. So basically, Julian drove me over (it was so early the Valet Parking wasn’t even open!) threw me into my wheelchair, and took off on foot, to get back home to let the crew in to collect the furniture. My Hairdressing appointment wasn’t until 10, so I had time and enough to go scooting around the shopping centre looking for things to buy! 😉 Unfortunately, nothing was open until nine o’clock, so mostly I just tootled aimlessly… Target and Big W were open though, so I thought I’d go in and look for an el-cheapo pair of gloves, because my hands were absolutely freezing! Imagine my shock, and my horror when I found that, once the winter bastions of cheap knitted beanies, gloves and scarves (usually sold as a matching set in totally atrocious colours) both stores boasted, between the two of them, a motley selection of:  three pairs of gloves, four or five utterly useless, flimsy pieces of scrap material that they laughingly called “scarves”, and maybe four (I’d stopped counting by this stage) misshapen pieces of ratty felt that were labeled “hats” – notice! Hats, not beanies! I’m at a loss to understand how this could have happened! One could hardly describe Target and Big W as being “avant-garde” fashion stores – “adequate” and “affordable” fashion stores? Yes – “avant-garde” fashion stores? No. I have to admit that it’s been many, many years since I went out to buy myself a cheap pair of knitted gloves, with a matching scarf and beanie, but I did expect to find at least some in those two stores. Where are they? Where can I buy some? The simple fact that neither Target nor Big W had these items has made me almost obsessed with the desire – no, the need to buy some – preferably in any colour that’s not green, though I’ll even buy green ones, as long as they’re not “Kelly” green, which is forbidden in our family (it’s a long and tragic story!) Please let me know if you can think of anywhere that I can buy a pair of knitted gloves, a knitted scarf, and a ruddy knitted beanie, locally! I ended up buying a pair of black and white “mottled” fabric gloves, with black leather vinyl palms and underside of the fingers, and black “faux fur” cuffs… They don’t fit as well as knitted gloves would have, they’re not very comfortable, and when I’m wearing them I lose all dexterity – it’s all I can do to even push the movement toggle on the wheelchair so that I can move around, they make my fingers so stiff and clumsy! So I trundled around until nine o’clock, and noticed, with some dismay, that the lovely silver jewellery shop called “Magnolia” has left Doncaster Shopping Centre – I’m sure I saw them there just a few days ago, but now their name’s not even on the Directory, so it doesn’t look like they’re “re-locating” to another position in the Centre… it’s a shame, too – they had some quite nice silver jewellery, at reasonable prices. All that’s left over there now in the “reasonably priced silver jewellery” department is Butterfly Silver… Anyway, I went into Inglot at nine o’clock, and bought the lipstick that I saw the other day, and then I made my way up to Oscar Oscar where I was welcome to go in, sit down, have a coffee, and read my kindle until it was time for my appointment. Brooks has done a good job with the colour, and it does look very nice – but with all due respect, Josh, I think the way that you did my hair colour was a lot better. Seriously! It was brighter, and a much richer and deeper colour. As I said, this is nice, and I’m pleased with it, but it’s still a bit too “pastel”, and there isn’t enough “oomph” to the red. Never mind 🙂 Next time I’ll ask her to make the “streaks” wider, a deeper colour, and not so thin and “thread-like”. They certainly look after you there at Oscar Oscar, and they’re all lovely people – I’ll definitely continue going there after we move *sigh* I s’pose I’ll just have to “train them up” to do things my way! 😉

When I got home I went straight off and did my lunch time Stair Walk – I wanted to get it out of the way so that I could get onto Rift to process my Minions – I didn’t even get a chance to collect their loot this morning, we left so early… Well, I logged on, and there was quite a big update! There are some nifty new things in there too – mostly “cosmetic”, like additions to the Wardrobe functions, and new achievements for “designing” your own “sets” of clothing out of what’s available, and the new ability for all characters on your account to be able to access the same bank vaults, which will be a real boon when you’re out questing and need a weapon or a piece of gear that’s happily sitting in one of your Alt’s (Alt = “alternate character. I have about 50 of them!) personal bank vaults. So I twiddled my thumbs while the update was downloading, and when it was finished, I clicked on “Play” – and guess what! All of the Shards were down! Some glitch in the update (it happens quite a lot with big updates, in both WoW and Rift – so often, in fact, that if the shards don’t go down, we’re immediately suspicious – what’s gone wrong? Why aren’t the shards down because of a glitch?) Julian monitored the forums to see how soon the shards would be back up, and I played a bit more Final Fantasy XIV, and then went on my evening Stair Walk before starting this. I think the shards are back up again now, but I won’t get a chance to go and check things out until after dinner tonight, now… :/

Weigh-in this morning. Well, this morning I only went down two points, from 83.7kg to 83.5kg, which is better than going up, or staying the same, I suppose. But all the same, I’ll cross my fingers and toes for tomorrow morning’s weigh-in, anyway! 🙂

Our own furniture arrived home again just after about half past three – only five pieces, but the most needed! When Julian let Flipper out of the Den and she mooched off to the lounge room, she was so happy to see “her” furniture that she immediately started meowing loudly, and jumped straight up onto Julian’s chair – her “Daddy Patting Chair” and demanded that Julian sit down and make a fuss of her – which of course he did! 🙂 I’ll tell you what – I’ll be extremely happy to be able to sit with my feet up tonight, and be able to watch television without getting a crick in my neck or a sore backside! Flipper’s cat cave is back on the couch where she’ll be nice and cosy tonight, the chest is back at the foot of the bed so we’ll have somewhere to put our clothes on besides the dressing table, and my little wheelie table is back in the “dressing room” for me to put stuff on when I have to open the door into the Den when both my hands are full! 🙂 And God’s in His heaven, and all’s right with the world! 🙂 Tomorrow will be our first “free” day, with no-one coming over, no furniture hassles, and no deadlines to meet…. so we’re going to Hardly Normal’s to look at desks, small glass tables, and outdoor furniture! 🙂 Do any of you know where the best place to look for mirror’s is? I have no idea, and Google only gives me obscure, inappropriate, and/or unhelpful lists. Probably because I’m so unimaginative as to try to look for “framed bedroom mirrors melbourne au”, or simply “framed mirrors melbourne au” *sigh* Oh well, I shall try again tonight… And once again, that’s about it from me for tonight! Do look in again tomorrow night – and see if my weight is still behaving itself (it probably won’t though!) or whether we found our desks and our outdoor furniture, and if I had any luck finding a mirror… There’ll be heapses to tell you all, so make sure you don’t miss out on all the hot goss! 🙂 Until then, though, please continue to bee good, don’t forget that opportunity is often missed by a lot of people, because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work, and remember to keep warm, to look after yourselves, and to drive carefully… but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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