Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.29

Twenty two days to go…

For once I’m starting to write reasonably early – let’s hope that this time I can get finished before dinner time, just for a change! 🙂 Thankfully, Julian has had a “Road to Damascus” moment (when he was struck blind by the truth, so to speak) and he’s decided not to try to assemble the flat-packs by himself, after all! 🙂 The nice, antique-style desk, bookcase and filing cabinet that he got for his office also comes as a flat-pack, and he was “strongly advised” not to try to assemble those by himself, so he’s hired a proper, professional “Flat-Pack Assembler” to come and put it all together for us when it’s delivered on August 21st, and he’ll get him to assemble the chests of drawers and the glossy-white glass-topped table/desks, along with all the office furniture – plus whatever else has arrived in a flat-pack! I’m seriously starting to wonder if anything ever gets delivered “pre-assembled”! I certainly hope that the lounge suite doesn’t come in a flat-pack! I’ve been thinking about all the furniture we’ve bought, and I’m thinking that perhaps we should have bought a separate, matching chair with the lounge suite. It is large – it’s a three-seater, and plenty big enough for the two of us plus Flipper – and I know that Lee and I are rapidly losing a lot of weight, and that Julian’s a lot smaller than he used to be too… but if the three of us try to sit on the lounge suite to have our lunch together, as we often do when my favourite eldest daughter comes over, I have a slightly uneasy feeling that we might find ourselves a little… squashed? Food (pardon the pun!) for thought… I’m really hoping that when the glass-topped table-desks with their matching “credenza”, and two small chests of drawers will still leave enough room in the Den for a couple of small recliners and a small coffee table, without the room becoming too cluttered – I think a layout like that would look really nice! I’ve looked at a lot of mirror places but still haven’t been able to find a suitable one for the main bedroom. I know we get to go and look at the place again, a week before settlement, and I know that Julian didn’t want anything of theirs, he wanted us to have all new stuff of our own – but if their bedroom mirror is still there, I’m going to ask them if they’d be willing to sell it to us – it’s really perfect for the room. If they won’t, then hopefully they’ll at least tell us where they got it! There’s also a very slim possibility that they may want to settle earlier that August 20th – which would be really good – except that the furniture isn’t being delivered until August 21st and we may not be able to change that… I’ll keep you all posted! 🙂

This morning, we did sift nostalgically through the drawers, and the shelves above them! I thought that we both behaved impeccably! Julian didn’t insist on throwing absolutely everything out, and I didn’t grizzle and whine and demand to keep absolutely everything, and it all went very smoothly. Heaps of stuff was thrown out (mostly my grossly oversized underwear – would you believe I’ve gone down ten sizes? Well, it’s really only five, because clothing sizes seem to always go up and down in “two’s” – but ten sounds a lot more impressive, doesn’t it! 😉 ) Quite a lot of stuff was kept and packed up ready for the move, and a lot ended up in the St. Vincent’s box. Next on the horizon for the sifting, culling, and packing process is the so-called “medicine cabinet”. I’m not looking forward to going through that particular cupboard at all! It’s actually more of a “if it’s anything to do with bandages, lotions, or tablets, quickly open the door, throw it in, and slam the door shut again before everything can tumble out onto the floor!” type of cabinet… I’m sure all of you have something similar in your homes, n’est ce pas? 😉 Actually, band-aids seem to mostly live in the kitchen, because the resident chef tends to… er… well, “nick” himself on sharp knives quite a lot… (read: he’s a klutz!) I’m not sure what himself wants to sift through, sort, and pack next, but there’s not much “personal stuff” left now that won’t be packed by the packers! I’ve already done my bathroom cupboards and drawers… *preen*

I also finished off Greybriar’s refurbishment and re-organisation this morning, and I was able to cull one newbie, which gave me a bit more room… so now I can concentrate on Laethys and Hailol, and a bit of proper questing, though I’m still wondering what Julian and I are going to do for our traditional Sunday Bash, once we hit level 65…

Oh, before I forget – we’ve decided what to do with Flipper on moving day! We were going to leave her here, locked in the bathroom, while all the moving of boxes and all the to-ing and fro-ing was going on, and come in and pick her up when all was quiet again at Stillwater, but that seems terribly mean… she’s going to be terribly distressed by the noises and vibrations, and she’s going to be quite distraught when she’s let out in a strange place where she doesn’t even know where her litter box is! So we’ll have a chat to the Vet and see what they have to say about our idea… We thought we’ll take her up to the Vet in the morning, before all the chaos starts, and leave her there all day – she’s done this before, and although she doesn’t like it much, she’s fairly used to it, and the nurses all make a fuss of her, which makes her feel important (cats love feeling important… because that are! (important)) We’ll pick her up in the evening and take her straight to Stillwater where she’ll probably freak out – but we’ll get some mildly sedative room spray, or whatever, from the Vet, and stay with her all the time and she should be alright… we hope! :/

Weigh-in this morning. Not too bad, actually – I went down another two points, from 81.3kg to 81.1kg. Having said that, now watch me go up 81.8kg, or something equally horrible, tomorrow morning! (it has happened before!) No… I’ll probably stay the same again, or maybe go up a little bit… *sigh* :/

I have a hairdresser appointment tomorrow morning, but apart from that, once again I have no idea what I’m doing… I’m starting to get that mild “itch between the eyes”, which is telling me that it’s about time I made another blog header, and/or patterned background… and I just had a brilliant thought, “Why don’t I go back and look at some of the backgrounds I did for the web sets I made years ago? Some of them were really nice… I could use them!” – so, I might! 🙂 Yeah, I just went and grabbed the first one I remembered that I’d quite liked when I made it, called “Theban Lotus” – the background has a papyrus-like texture which looks quite effective. I might give that a run for its money tomorrow, so stay tuned! 🙂 (I just reached for my cup of coffee… but it was empty! 😦 *whimper*) It’s probably just as well that we don’t have a coffee machine here in the Den – I’d probably never sleep again… 😉 So once again, that’s about all from me for tonight – but do call back tomorrow night and find out if my weight did shoot straight back up, or if it stayed the same… and if I have utilised any of my old work in some new header work – and if I do use any of my old stuff, do I have to give myself credit for it, with a link back to the original? 🙂 How hilarious! Actually, if I use any of it (and I might not!) I will put a link back to the original – I’m quite proud of the work I did back then! 🙂 And there’ll be lots of other new and interesting stuff to tell you all about too, so don’t miss out! Until then, though – please continue to bee good, don’t forget that every act of kindness benefits the giver, as well as the receiver, and remember to keep warm, to look after yourselves, and to drive carefully – but most importantly, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂