Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.03

So, I made a new header, with a second new font I got today – it’s called (of all things!) “Elefantasia NF” – once again, because I liked the “W” shape and design – the rest of the font isn’t bad, either! 😉 I just wish I could use some of my pretty fonts in the body of the blog, too – and I probably could, if I knew how to write a CSS file, or whatever it’s called. Hmm – I just Googled it… it’s a Cascading Style Sheet, and I have no idea whatsoever how to write one… and right at this particular point in time, I have no great desire to learn how to, either! There’s just too much going on at the moment, what with packing everything up, and the move in general, and debating how to deal with Flipper when our lounge suite goes, because it’s going to be a couple of days before the rental one arrives… It’s going to be bad enough for us, sitting and watching television from our computer chairs, where we can’t sit comfortably with our feet up – but poor Flipper is going to be totally devastated! She’s old (20 human years old!) senile, cranky, arthriticky, set in her ways, and is prone to fits of the vapours if her set routines are disrupted, even slightly, for any reason. I said to Julian last night that until the rental lounge suite arrives, we’ll push the coffee table over to where the couch is currently… cover it over with a nice, thick, comfy blanket, and put her “cat cave” on it, so that it’s as much like her present set-up as we can possibly make it. I think she’ll be alright, as long as she gets a lot of attention and “Daddy pats” from Julian (she’s definitely a “Daddy’s girl”, and barely tolerates me!) It’s going to be a tough time for all of us chez nous, so learning how to write CSS files is fairly low down on my “Bucket” list! My name change – or should I say, name addition – has also been put on hold for now, but has definitely not been forgotten or abandoned. (Grrr! I’ve had to put on my fluffy earmuffs because my right ear has become so cold that it’s starting to ache, and I can’t be bothered getting up to find my scarf! I wonder… if I had my right ear amputated, would I be likely to get phantom cold ear problems?) Anyway, I made the new header this afternoon – what do you all think of it? Do you like the font? This morning, seeing as I had the day off from dusting, polishing, wrapping and packing, I did some Rifting. I took Chaviv up three levels to level 18, simply on quest experience rewards – because I’d spent so much time over in Freemarch (the Defiant area) leveling up my “Skills”, that I didn’t get back to Silverwood (the Guardian area, where I should have been) until I was level 15, when all the mobs were six or seven levels lower than I was, and the starting quests weren’t just grey, they were white, so I got no experience at all from killing things, and just had to rely on the meager quest experience to advance my levels. Still, three levels on such poor rewards wasn’t too bad. Hopefully I’ll be able to take him a little further tomorrow, depending on what we’re doing. I’m just looking around my desk, wondering what else has to be “tidied away” Not much, really, as far as I can see – just the silk poppies in the crystal vase, along with two glass mugs full of pens, scissors, nail files, letter openers and a pair of tweezers, plus my two desktop calendars (one Non Sequitur, and one itty-bitty cat calendar) Everything looks so stark and bare… :/ This whole moving business is not fun, I can assure you!

I hope we do get a chance to relax a bit this weekend – it might be the last chance we’ll have for a few weeks – because starting on Monday, the real fun and games begin in earnest! On Monday, Sharron will be over to tell us what still needs to be moved out. On Tuesday, we’re off to Vermont South to measure everything (which reminds me – we must make a list of all the things that we need to measure- if we don’t, we will absolutely forget half a dozen things that we really needed to measure – until we arrive back here!) Wednesday, the furniture is being moved out – so please spare a sympathetic thought for poor little Flipper 😦 Thursday looks like being a rest day, thank heavens! On Friday, the rental furniture arrives, along with Sharron, to tell the furniture people where she wants it put. Saturday (tomorrow week) it’ll be the Cleaners turning the place upside down. On Sunday, we can bury ourselves in (or on) The Plane of Water, and pretend that life is just carrying on as usual. On Monday, the photographer is coming to take photos of the place (and I think, a Video, too?) And finally, on Tuesday, the painters turn up for any touch-ups that need doing. Then, as far as we know, the Campaign begins, with “Open For Inspections” on Wednesdays and Saturdays, until either the day of the Auction on August 19th, or until someone makes us a good enough offer that we sell before the Auction.

Weigh-in this morning. As usual, whenever I get this [<- ->] close to the next kilo zone down, everything stalls! My weight dithers! Prevaricates! Can’t make up its mind! And let me tell you, it drives me stark, staring, crazy, because it always does this to me whenever I get to the “X.2kg” mark, or thereabouts! Always! And, it’s done it to me again! Damn it to the five hells! Wednesday…84.3kg. Thursday… 84.0kg. Friday (today!) 84.1kg! Why?! Why doesn’t it do this to me in the middle of a weight “zone”? Why doesn’t it do this to me at the beginning of a weight “zone”?! Why does it always weight wait until I’m happy, and pleased with myself that I’m almost another kilo lighter, to stuff me around like this?! It’s not fair! Grrr!

What a shame that stress doesn’t make me lose weight – I’d probably weigh less than a gram by now if it did… Anyway, that was my day – a rivetingly Rifting morning, followed by a gratuitously graphic afternoon – a pleasing day all round (except for my weigh-in this morning, that is! Still, at least I have the fluid retaining pills to blame this time…) Anyway, tomorrow is another day – we’ll see what transpires… No doubt himself will potter around packing and tidying things, and no doubt I shall try and stay out of the way so that he can get on and do what he does best – organising things 🙂 But do call back again tomorrow night – find out if my weight continues to surprise me, as it usually does, and whether or not we got any more de-cluttering and packing up done. Himself has decided that the next thing to be cleaned out is “the cage” – our storage space down in the garage. He says we’re going to need it for “interim storage”, and at the moment it’s full of… well, “stuff” – some of which is undeniably rubbish and needs to go to the tip, and some of which we’re probably going to argue about for the next five years, as we have done for the last seven, about this very subject. It goes something like this: “It’s rubbish!”, “No, it’s not – it’s an old family heirloom!”, “I’m taking it down to the tip!”, “Over my dead body!”, “That can be arranged!” and so on, and so on, ad infinitum. I have to confess, this blog would have been finished before dinner tonight, but my favourite youngest daughter rang me, and we had a nice little chat, which we don’t have nearly often enough – so we chattered on regardless of the time. Once we’d finished, the news had already started, and I hadn’t done my evening Stair Walk – so I saved what I’d already written here, Julian stalled the news (put it on “Pause”) and I raced for the fire escape. It’s now 9.15pm, and I’m sorry this is late, but I’m afraid my favourite youngest daughter is a little more important to me (and of course, so is my favourite eldest daughter!) So that’s about it from me for tonight, but there’ll be lots more news and interesting bits and pieces tomorrow night, so don’t miss out! 🙂 In the meantime, please continue to bee good, remember, never be afraid to be yourself, because an original is worth more than a copy, and don’t forget to drive carefully, to keep warm, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂