Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.14

*There’s an update on the “As Seen On…” page – from the “Goodreads Quote of the Day

Guess what! We have nearly all of our new furniture! Well, we don’t have it yet, it won’t be delivered until August 21st, the day after settlement, because we don’t have anywhere to put it all at the moment!  As you know, we were supposed to be having the painters in to do any necessary touch-ups, but of course, they were told that they weren’t needed – yet. Flipper still had to go up to the Vet early – she had to be there at eight o’clock this morning, so it was a rudely early start for all of us! She was most displeased to have been dragged from a cosy, warm cave and thrust unceremoniously into a horrid, hard, cold plastic “crate”, so she insisted on telling the entire building “help, help! I’m being kidnapped! save me! save me!” at the top of her voice! However, it was for her own good, and off to the kindly Vet she was taken, despite her strident protestations that “she’d never had a sick day in her life! She didn’t need to go to the Vet, she was purrfectly well! Unhand me, you brute!” Once within the surgery, she was weighed (she hasn’t lost any weight, but she’s drinking a lot more than she usually does – not good news, as far as her kidneys are concerned!) was given her inoculations, and her Cartrophen injection (for her arthritis) They kept her there all day to test her blood pressure at timed intervals, and it’s still w-a-y too high, so we have to continue giving her a quarter (or is it 1/8th?) of a Norvasc pill every day, plus a potassium pill. Julian grinds them up together and sprinkles them on top of her dinner, together with her Loxicom, and unlike any other cat we’ve ever had, she actually doesn’t seem to notice this strange mixture on top of her food, because she usually eats the lot without complaint!  She’s also had some “mats” removed from around her tummy area, and her claws clipped. Julian’s off picking her up now…

So, anyway, when he got back from dropping her off at the Vet, we had breakfast, and decided how we were going to handle today. Julian thought that we might as well go furniture shopping, so off we went, all bundled up against the cold – thank goodness it wasn’t raining then! I was going to take an Optifast bar with me for lunch, and we were supposed to have taken a tape measure and the list of places to go, taken from that ever-so-handy list of furniture that I’d made the other day. We’re in the car, heading towards Whitehorse Road and about to enter the freeway…

Julian: “Have you got your bar with you?”
Me: “No 😦 I forgot! :/*sigh* Where are we going first?”
Julian: “Damn! I left the list at home! – we can stop off at a Chemist and see if we can get a box of your bars, and I’ll have one too”
Me: “O.K…. did you bring the tape measure?”
Julian: [pregnant pause] …We’ll stop off at Bunnings, and I’ll buy one!”

Don’t worry, this sort of forgetfulness is quite typical of us… we’re just absent-minded! (some very rude people have been heard to mutter that our minds are just plain “absent”, but if that were the case, we’d forget to breathe, wouldn’t we!? 😉 ) So we decided to do a circuit, and suss out the lay of the land. We did have the original list of items we wanted to see, and where they were – we just didn’t have Julian’s list of which places to go to first, etc., so all was not lost. Cruising up Whitehorse Road towards Ringwood, we passed Forty Winks, where the bedroom suite we wanted to see was, then a very short distance away was Adriatic, where the kitchen table I’d thought looked nice was.. We swung back and went to Forty Winks first, where after a somewhat shaky start (there didn’t appear to be any floor staff, and we couldn’t find the bedroom suite we wanted to look at) we got someone to show us the “Laronde Bedroom Suite” – which we bought! 🙂 Bed: “tick” 🙂 We didn’t bother getting in the car and driving up to Adriatic – we just trundled along the footpath, shivering in the cold! We were originally going to look at the dining room/kitchen table that I’d seen online – a nine piece table and chairs called the Koco – which we also bought. Kitchen Table & Chairs: “tick!” 🙂 There was a matching “side table” which looked as though it would be suitable for the hall, called a “Bravo Console Havana“, which we got, too. Hall Table: “tick!” 🙂 So, seeing we were right there an’ all, we decided to have a look at one of the lounge suites that I’d seen online, called The Dora – 3 Seater with Chaise, which we both sat on, and found it extremely comfortable – all of the seats slid/pull out, so that any of the individual, or all of the individual, “seats” can be turned into semi-recliners. It certainly ticked all our boxes, so we got that too! 🙂 Lounge Suite: “tick!” 🙂

Then we came home! All we have to look for now are desks for the Den and Julian’s Office, a longish, slightly “decorative” (but not too decorative! I don’t “do” “tizzy”) mirror for the main bedroom – I’d like to get one the same as the one that’s currently there, but I don’t know where I’d find one (mind you, I haven’t really been looking for mirrors – yet!) If there’s room in the Den after we get the desks in there, we may, or may not get, a couple of smallish recliners, maybe a bookcase or two, and maybe a smallish coffee table. It’s a big room, but we don’t want to run the risk of it looking “cluttered”, so we’ll wait and see how much room we have left before buying anything else… We need bookcases for the Library, but once again I think we’ll wait until we’ve moved in to see (a) how much room we’re going to need for the books, and (b) how much room is available for the bookcases to hold them all! So we’re almost home and hosed! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Miracles still do happen – I went down three points, from 84.3kg to 84.0kg – but, knowing my run of (bad)  luck with my weight lately, I’ll probably go back up to 84.9kg tomorrow morning 😦 We’ll see…

If I can find any likely looking desks online tonight, we might go and have a look at them on the way home from the Doctors (we both need to renew some scripts) I also want to look in at Hardly Normal (Harvey Norman) because I can dimly remember them having some semi-decent looking desks on display, once upon a time. There’s only one real problem with the desks… I don’t know how Julian feels about his desk, but I would really like to have a “return” on mine, and the only thing wrong with having a permanent curve, or a “return” on your desk is that it can be very difficult to move around without having the “return” sticking out where you don’t want a piece of furniture sticking out (I’m sure I could have said all that a lot more gracefully, but I’m in a hurry, so it’ll have to do – sorry! 🙂 ) So, hopefully we’ll get to see some of these desks tomorrow – though we’ve also been thinking of using glass-topped tables as desks! (smallish glass-topped tables – not kitchen or dining room sized ones!) Anyway, on that happy note, that’s about all from me for tonight! Do drop by again tomorrow night – find out if we did find our desks, and where, or did we opt for smallish glass-topped tables instead? And did my weight go back up again, or has it gone down a bit more… there’ll be lots more to tell you all tomorrow night, so don’t miss out on all the fabulous adventures that happen routinely around here 😉 Until tomorrow night, then, please bee good, remember to always live as if you were going to die tomorrow, and learn as if you were going to live forever! Don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully, but above all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂



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