Winter’s log, earthdate 201506.08

*There has been yet another update to the “As Seen On…” page today…

I’m starting a little earlier today – it’d been a quiet-ish sort of day today – I started off Rifting, but then we decided that it was high time that the second pull-out drawer we’d bought for my bathroom was installed. Before that, though, I was having a look at Laethys, and I decided that I was going to do some “neatening up” of my names and faces there. I think I may have mentioned some time ago that I like all my characters to have names which start with a different letter? It’s so that when you send them anything in-game, all you have to do is type the first letter of their name and the magickmailbox automatically fills in the rest of the name for you. Not so, when you have multiple names starting with the same letter. The magickmailbox will rotate through all the names starting with that letter, adjusting it as you add letters after after the first one that you entered. Example: say I have two characters whose names start with the same letter – Calypso and Crystal. Another character, Azshara, wants to send Crystal a new shield. She goes to the magickmailbox, and in the “To:” field she types a “C”. The magickmailbox helpfully fills in what it thinks should be the right name, and fills in “Calypso”. You give an annoyed “tsk!”, and type in an “r”. The magickmailbox remembers that you typed a “C” in first, connects the dots, gets the message, and fills in the correct name, “Crystal”. Now, depending on how many characters you have whose names all start with the same letter, it can take a few seconds for the magickmailbox to work out what name you really want, and you’ve been diddled out  of valuable questing time! So that’s why I like all my characters to have names starting with different letters. Prior to this morning, I had two girls whose names started with “C”, two whose names started with a “G”, and two whose names started with an “S”. Three “pairs”. I didn’t want to delete any of them, so I moved one of each pair to another shard, and created three newbies whose names started with different letters… All I have to do now is work on them all, and get the up to speed 🙂

Then Julian decided that we should install the new sliding basket in my bathroom, which required me to go and clean out the cupboard first. It didn’t take long as it was mostly junk. Old bottles of shampoo and hand lotions, that had “accidentally” got themselves shoved further and further to the back of the cupboard as I brought home new ones, in the vain hope that they’d make my hair thick and luxurious, or make me look 30 years younger, overnight. Please tell me that I’m not the only person who does this?  I threw more than half of them out this morning, which was a horrible waste, but… if they weren’t going to make me look thick and luxurious, or make my hair look 30 years younger, then there was no point in keeping them, was there?! 😉 Or… I could say that I was “just practicing” for when we move, because I’ll have to whittle down what will come with us. So, anyway, the sliding drawer was duly installed, and I have a nice, neat, tidy, sparsely populated, bathroom cupboard again!

And then it was lunch time! I trotted off for my lunch time Stair Walk, and when I got back I looked up “low-calorie rice pudding recipes” – not for me, for Julian! After dinner every night, I have a small diet jelly for dessert, and three prunes. Julian used to have a small “Le Rice” tub, and some dried fruit – but for the last week and a half, the “Le Rice” tubs have totally vanished from the supermarket shelves! We have a horrible feeling that it’s been “discontinued”, and poor Julian is quite upset about it. I told him that he might have to start making his own – I was pretty sure that someone would have put up recipes for low-calorie rice pudding, and I was right! I actually found quite a lot, and he printed some of them out this afternoon. They nearly all seem to have a remarkable amount of sugar in them for supposedly “low-calorie” desserts, but when you stop and think about it, three tablespoons of sugar wouldn’t be quite half a cup – and most recipes for “normal” rice pudding specify around about a half a cup of the sinful ingredient. There’s one recipe that he’s printed out which calls for granulated Splenda, so he’s going to try making that one – probably on Thursday, as he’ll be in Adelaide all day on Wednesday, for this Memorial service for Jamie, and tomorrow, Tuesday, my favourite eldest daughter will be here. Julian and I had a bit of a mutual grizzle today about Public Holidays (today) and “disruptions” (Wednesday) to our week, especially with this house hunting business taking up nearly all of our spare time (not to mention getting all the finances in place for when we do find something “special”!) “The “C” House” (Doncaster East) goes to Auction on June 27th, and the “Water Feature House” (Vermont South) goes to Auction the week before, on June 20th. Why am I starting to get nervous?! 😉

After we finished lunch we Rifted again for a couple of hours, and it was rather forcefully brought home to me just why I hate Goboro Reef so much! It’s having to do things underwater that un-nerves me – I am totally hopeless at positioning myself underwater! I’m completely useless at trying to fight underwater! I’m even incapable of following Julian underwater, even when he puts a great big Raid icon over his head! I keep losing him, because I’m swimming along, following him, and all of a sudden I’m caught up on a branch of coral, or under a ledge and I can’t see where I am to be able to get out from under it! Today, we had a quest that we’d done before with other characters, and it had me screaming in fury that time, too – doing it again today was no different – it had me screaming in fury again! We have to kill this big bad Boss, right? And he has hundreds of henchpeople to help him fight you – but there’s this “fish” who can heal you, as long as you follow him and stay close to him. Well, I couldn’t even see where Julian, with his great big Raid icon over his head was, let alone this ruddy fish! So Julian put a big green “X” over the fish’s head. I still couldn’t find either of them. I died. By this time I was starting to get frustrated and angry… For some reason or other, I didn’t get a soul-walk, I had to “re-spawn” – that is, come back as a ghost, outside the special Instance where we’d been fighting – at least, that’s what I thought! (one of these days I’m going to learn not to think so bloody much!) I knew we’d entered through a flickering yellow oval “portal”, but when you’re a ghost, everything’s in shades of grey. However, I could see this sort-of “flickering” oval – “Aha!” thinks me “The portal back in!” …and I swam through it. But it wasn’t the way back in, was it?! I was already in the Instance – swimming back through the portal took me out of the Instance, and I became well and truly lost. That was when I started screaming in fury again at the stupid quest! Eventually Julian had to die to get out of the Instance and find me, then he “swam” me back in again, where I Feigned Death, and waited until it was all over. I swear, I never, ever want to do that wretched quest, ever, ever again! But, we got through it (more by good luck than good management!) and I went up to level 61 – I’m not sure if himself went up too, but if he didn’t, he’ll be close on my heels! 🙂 Then we finished off, so that I could start writing this!

Weigh-in this morning. I’m starting to get very trepidated… I did go up this morning, but not as I’d expected to. I went up by one measly point, from 88.0kg to 88.1kg! Where’s my spike? I’m getting distinctly jittery about it…

And that’s about it from me for tonight 🙂 My favourite eldest daughter and I have the Hairdresser, two more episodes of “Orphan Black”, and a couple more episodes of “The 100” to look forward to tomorrow, and I’ll fill you all in on that tomorrow night, along with any news of my missing “weight-spike”, and various other items of news and interest. So don’t be shy and miss out, call in again tomorrow night to see what’s been happening around here! 🙂 In the meantime, please try to bee good, remember that It’s easier to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission (but ask, anyway!), but above all, remember to take care, drive carefully, and alwaysstay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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