Winter’s log, earthdate 201506.26

Well, there’s no way I’m going to get this finished before dinner! :/ I’ve started really late – when Julian left to take my favourite eldest daughter home, I, of course, saw them off at the lift, and then went on my evening Stair Walk. When I got back, I couldn’t be bothered waiting for Julian to get home for a cup of coffee, so now that I know how to use the coffee machine, I decided to make one myself. Which I did, and am now enjoying immensely! 🙂 Then I came down here and decided to move my monitor a little bit (read: “a lot”) closer – these new “computer glasses” of mine only seem to work properly when the screen is about four inches away from my nose – well, alright, about a foot and a half away from my nose – but it feels as though it’s only four inches away (and at least I can see the screen properly!) Then I decided to quickly check my mail… which also involved creating a new filter for something, which I got wrong and had to delete, and re-do it from scratch. So here it is – almost six o’clock, I’ve finished my coffee, Julian’s not home yet, and I’ve only just begun to write! Never mind, the blog will be posted before breakfast time tomorrow morning – promise! 😉

Did any of you go and have a look at the Bored Panda link I entered in the “As Seen On….” page late last night, with the wonderful men’s hair and beard colouring? If you haven’t seen it yet, do go and have a look – the colours are absolutely fabulous! I just wish I could talk Julian into having something like that done to his hair – maybe in electric blue and hot pink – though I don’t really think he’s a hot pink sort-of guy… maybe electric blue and purple… Mmm…. 🙂

I had to race off and have my Warfarin blood test done this morning – I was supposed to have had it yesterday, but daily events stuck a spoke in the wheels of that little plan, so we thought we’d go today – early, because I’d planned on doing a little shopping before himself went off to pick up my favourite eldest daughter, and I had to be home for when our cleaning lady arrived, so time was slightly of the essence! We raced through showers and breakfast, and whizzed off to the lift, where we waited. And waited. And then we waited a bit more (I was starting to get damned cold, too!) Some people downstairs were moving out today, and no-one had bothered to tell the Removalists that they were not allowed to prop the lift doors open while they stuffed it full of furniture. There’s only the one lift in the building, and there are a lot of other people who need to use it too – like us, this morning! While I was waiting, I sat in my wheelchair facing the lift and read my Kindle, while Julian paced up and down behind me. Eventually the lift doors opened, and I trundled through them, thinking that Julian was right behind me. He wasn’t. Unbeknownst to me, he’d stomped off down the front stairs to “have a few words” with the Removalists (who told him that they’d thought that there were another “couple” of lifts, so it didn’t matter – I wonder just where they thought these other “couple” of lifts were?! Hiding in the basement, maybe?!) Finally we made it to the car park, where would you believe it, we ran into the Electrician, who was replacing some light globes! So he and Julian had a discussion of what needed doing, where, why, and how the Electrician couldn’t do it because there was no ceiling access, and he needed that access to do whatever it was that he had to do. Once again, I’m left sitting there looking decorative, with icicles hanging off my nose. Finally, we moved on, and I’d just got to the car when I realised that I’d left the form for the blood test behind – Julian had to race back upstairs to fetch it, and that was it. We finally managed to get out of the garage and on our way. Late. I went in to have my blood siphoned off – Julian took a phone call from his sister regarding their mother – things are not going well at all in that department, I’m afraid. Unfortunately, the lady taking my blood was in a very chatty mood, and it’s a trifle hard to get away from someone who has a tourniquet around your arm and a rather large syringe in her hand! It took Julian to poke his head through the door to see what was holding me up before I could make my escape (to be fair, we were discussing cats, the longevity of cats, and common feline ailments and diseases, so I wasn’t trying all that hard to get away – it was a very interesting conversation! 🙂 ) By then it was far too late to do any shopping – Julian drove me home and pretty much threw me out of a moving car, while he took off to pick up my favourite eldest daughter. As it turned out, I wasn’t late for the cleaning lady, she was late getting here – she lives in Upwey, and apparently it’s been kinda windy up there, resulting in a tree coming down on her back fence – she’d had to call her landlord and arrange to have the fallen tree removed – so I probably could have stayed and done my shopping, after all! I think we’re going shopping tomorrow… 😉

Weigh-in this morning. I’m perplexed, but thankful for medium-sized mercies, this close to going back on those wretched fluid retaining pills again! Of course, I’ll pay the price tomorrow or the next day – but I went down – from 85.3kg to 84.9kg – a drop of four points – a bit too much of a good thing, in my opinion (and experience!) This means that I’m now only 9kg away from my final “goal weight” of 75kg – though I am planning on going down to 70kg, so that I’ll have five kilos to “play with” when I go onto my maintenance diet. I’m getting there! I’m getting there! 🙂 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could get down that much before August 18th this year – that’ll mean that I’ll have lost 59kg in under a year! I’m pretty sure that I won’t make 75kg before August 18th, but wouldn’t it be cool if I could! 🙂

Lee and I watched the last few episodes of Season One of “The 100” this afternoon – luckily we have one or two episodes of Season Two left to watch, as well as the last episode of whatever Season of “Orphan Black” we’re currently watching, so we do have a bit left to watch for next week! 🙂

This morning while I was waiting for Julian to get back with my favourite eldest daughter, I did a bit of Rifting again. For some reason or other, I wasn’t really happy with Nox, the male character I’d created yesterday – I didn’t delete him out of hand (just in case) but I did transfer another one of the girls on that shard, only temporarily, so that I could create a second male character. When this one’s level 10, I’ll decide which one I want to keep, delete the other, and bring back the girl I transferred today. However I sorta-think it’ll be this new one – his name is Chaviv 🙂

Thought so…. Sorry!  Back in a bit!

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

Here I am back again, after watching the last of “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” – I do hope they continue the series, they’ve been a lot of fun (and it’s been lovely to see the Melbourne of the late 1920’s portrayed “as they should have been”) but alas, I fear we’ve seen the last of Phryne Fisher 😦 Anyway, that was pretty much my day that was – frustrating in the morning, but fun in the afternoon spending time with my favourite eldest daughter, whose weight is also continuing to drop steadily! (goodonya, kiddo! 🙂 ) Tomorrow, I have a small amount of shopping to do – undergarments, and Autograph have some nice looking jumpers (fancifully called “tunics”) with cowl necks that I’m interested in… We also need to start getting our packing paraphernalia organised – especially getting hold of some of those sturdy cardboard “Document” boxes, for things that we’ll need to scoop up and “hide” when people are coming through looking at this place, and then put back again when they’ve all gone home (goody! That means a visit to Office Works! 😀 ) So that’s about it from me for tonight – do call back again tomorrow night – find out if my weight went back up again, continued going down, or stayed the same. Will I have bought one of those jumpers? If they have a deep purple one in my size, the answer will be yes – they’re on Sale! And will we have spent a long time in Office Works, buying lots of storage thingies (I need a good pencil sharpener, too!) You can find all that out tomorrow night, but until then, bee good, remember to be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are; don’t forget to drive carefully, to keep warm, and to look after yourselves, but most importantly, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂