Winter’s log, earthdate 201506.19


Here I go again – another blog entry, another blog header! What do you all think of this one? I feel that perhaps the two “boxes” (for want of a better word!) on each side need to be further apart – that is, I feel that there should be more space between the top and bottom “boxes” – what do all of you think? Opinions, please! (as long as they’re polite! 😉 ) Here’s a bit of doggerel I made up on the spur of the moment, so if it doesn’t rhyme properly, it’s because it was a rush job! 😉

“The Fateful Eve” (by Winter, with apologies to Clement C. Moore)

T’was the night before Auction, and all through the house, Winter was pacing, as quiet as a mouse. Julian sat – at his computer he stared – by this time tomorrow he’d know if he’ dared, to bid lots of money to buy a fine house, and if all the finances would still balance out. The house, it was big and had lots of rooms, they’d need lots of chattels to furnish it out! The fridge, would it fit? And the rug for the floor? If they had to buy too much they’d end up quite poor! But the house was so nice, with much storage space, and a tiny small garden, with enough room to grace the vegetable garden he’d promised to make. And so as they ponder, on this Fateful Eve, we’ll leave you to wonder just what they’d achieve! 😉

This time tomorrow night we’ll know if we were successful in our endeavours to buy Vermont South. I am so nervous about it, I feel like pacing like a demented mongoose! However, I spent the day graphic-ing and Rifting, making notes for my other blog (which will not be in chronological order – memories, thoughts, feelings will all be put down as and when they occur to me) and discussing financial matters with Julian – that is, he expounded, and I listened – hopefully some of it will have stayed inside the nice, clean, fluffy, white cotton wool between my ears, where it can keep nice and warm. But mostly I’ve just been “marking time”, waiting for tomorrow. I did get that recalcitrant frame to work in the end – my cheat “short cut” was to copy and paste one of the little “leg” bits that was correct on top of the one I couldn’t get right and “graft it on” (by merging the two layers) and from there it was easy to pick up the right order to get all the lines the right colour. Unfortunately it’s not suitable for use on this blog template – this one insists on magnifying everything  to more than double its size, while still keeping everything in the same position (work that one out, if you dare!) so I have to make everything twice as small in order for it to look right – but if I made the frame small enough to look right on the screen, I wouldn’t have had any room left to put in the text! But I’ll keep the frame handy for the next time I decide to change the template 🙂 (which could be next week, next month, or as soon as this evening! You all know me – never satisfied with the status quo! 😉 )

When we paid our visit to Carmen yesterday, what she was really doing was fishing for us to confirm that she’d get the sale of this place, now that she knows that we intend to bid on the Vermont South place. At this point in time. she (probably) will get the sale of this place, but we’re not going to confirm or deny anything at this point – we especially won’t put anything in writing yet! She’s already told us that she wants to get her “stylist” (read: “interior decorator”) in to set the place up to get the best possible price (and I have to admit – she does do a fantastic job! The houses we’ve seen that she set up look like something from a “Home Beautiful” magazine) But we’ll have to clear out the “clutter” (read: “just about everything!”) and she wants to rent some suitable furniture, rugs, and what-nots, though she wants us to leave lots of books in the bookcases. I told her that if we’re successful tomorrow (but I’ll bet we’re not!) that we’d probably start slowly packing anyway – implying, but not going so far as to actually say it – that she’d be able to start re-decorating our home soon-ish, rather than later-ish. Of course, first we have to buy the house! We’ll need to buy a lot of extra furniture, too – Vermont South has a lot more rooms that we do here… so I’m thinking of pinching “borrowing” Carmen’s “stylist” for a week or two and picking her brains as to what we ought to put where… IF we get the place… and if we don’t, “The ‘C’ House” is up for Auction next Saturday (tomorrow week)

Weigh-in this morning. I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this! I went down another three points this morning – that’s down six points in two days! It’s too much! I’ll re-bound for sure! I don’t want to do that! I’ve gone from 86.9kg on Wednesday 17th, to 86.3kg today – Friday 19th! I wish I was losing the weight a bit slower, even though I am in a real hurry to get down as far as possible before July 21st, which is when I see Dr. Y. again. Watch me tomorrow morning! A big, important day, and I’ll probably bounce back up a whole kilo, break out in spots, and get hives! :/ *scowl*

Does anyone know what food, or vitamins, or whatever, is good for fingernails? And cuticles? My nails are terribly soft, but they’re still brittle enough to flake or peel off – I lost half a little fingernail this morning for apparently no reason – I was getting dressed and all of a sudden my nail caught in my jumper, and I looked down and it had half torn off! I use a nail conditioning cream every night, and I use one of those special nail oil thingies, but frankly, I think they’re what’s making my cuticles hard and tough (why do I think this? Because I’m topsy-turvy! You give me something to make me sleep, it wakes me up and makes me jumpy! Lipstick – the more “moisturising” it’s supposed to be, the more it dries my lips out to the point that by the end of the day my lips are actually peeling! That’s why!) So if anyone knows of something that might help, I’d be ever so grateful! 🙂

So, what’s happening tomorrow, apart from us going to bid on the Vermont South property? I’m not quite sure! Probably not much – I expect that until the Auction is over we’ll be wandering around in a nervous daze (well, I probably will – Julian, however, has to keep his wits about him so I hope he doesn’t!) and afterwards we’ll either be celebrating, or having long, deep and meaningful discussions as to how and why we failed to get it. Please, everyone cross your fingers for us tomorrow morning, and wish us luck! Hopefully I’ll have good news tomorrow night – and even if I don’t, it’s not all bad (says she, trying very hard to be positive, but not really succeeding all that well!)  there’s still “The ‘C’ House” the following week… So call in again tomorrow night – find out if my weight did rebound or not, and if I broke out in spots, or got hives! And more importantly, find out if we have a new home! However, until tomorrow night, please try to bee good, remember that every choice we make has the potential to change our lives forever, so choose carefully! Don’t forget to drive carefully, look after yourselves, and to keep warm… but most importantly… don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂