Winter’s log, earthdate 201506.25

*There’s another update on the “As Seen On…” page tonight – from Bored Panda – a definite “Must See” item! 🙂

It’s a bit later than I wanted to start, actually, but we’ve had Sharron (the “Stylist”) here, telling us what she wants done with the apartment. She’s going to send us a detailed list before next Tuesday, and I gather that she (or Carmen?) organises everything, from the storage of our furniture that she doesn’t want on display, to the hiring of furniture that she does want on display. Like our blue lounge suite – it’s a “no-no”! Apparently we need something more… neutral, like off-white, or cream, or soft grey… :/ I hope we’re allowed to have a lounge suite with recliner chairs! 😦 Basically, though, we need to “de-clutter” everywhere, but especially in here (the Den) where she wants to make a “feature” of the mottled chocolate caesarstone benches/desks around three of the walls. One of the two display cabinets in the hallway has to go into storage (or get sold!) and we’re going to need a few more rugs, and a mirror for that eyesore of a pillar between the dining area and the lounge room. I can’t wait to see the “detailed list” she’s going to send us! (*rolls eyes*) The penthouse upstairs goes to Auction on July 7th, and I think this place is supposed to be ready for people to come and look at a couple of days before that, so that Carmen can steer people who either missed out on the penthouse, or didn’t like the penthouse, but liked the position here, this way. So it looks like we’re largely going to be camping out in our own apartment, once all the de-cluttering and re-organisation has been done, until we move! Oh well, as I keep saying about this diet – it’s not forever, and we can surely put up with a little bit of inconvenience for a few weeks! Oh, and I’ve coloured in another day on my “countdown” calendar… 😀

This morning I got stuck back into Rift. I re-rolled that female character, and he’s now a male character called “Noxangelus”, or “Nox”, for short – it means “Night angel”, or “Dark angel”. All the other names I wanted to use were already taken :/ Anyway, he’s a Mathosian (human) Mage (what else! 🙂 ) and is just about to leave the starting area for Silverwood, where I’ll quickly whisk him off to Freemarch to level up. I used to have the same problem with names already being “taken” on WoW (World of Warcraft), except there I was able to use “fancy” foreign letters, like ö, and â and other such accented letters, to get around the name problem. Rift, unfortunately, won’t let you, and in fact I think it’s only recently that the European shards have been able to use them. The “rules” had to be “modified” because there’d been so many complaints – those accents are pretty much essential for even fairly common names over there, so they ended up having to allow them after all… I wish they’d let us use them too… (*sigh*)

We had a look at our new place via Google maps last night – it was quite fascinating, as you can go right back to 2009 and before, so we were having a look at the changes that have been made to the block over the years. It started off as a teeny house on a very large block in 2005 (I think!) Then in 2009 that was knocked down and a new and much more bigger house built. Then it went through several transitional phases, as the children (perhaps?) grew up and had different needs and interests – there was a large wading-type pool approximately where the outside entertainment deck now is… then I think a large trampoline was installed for a while (or did that come before the wading pool? No, after it, I think…) Then a large, above-ground swimming pool was installed in what was left of the backyard. That, surprisingly, stayed there for a few years – and was only dismantled and got rid of somewhere between February and May this year! It was very interesting, watching an almost “time-lapse” aerial view of the block! However, apart from a small vegetable garden, I don’t think anyone in the future will see much change to the block after we move in 🙂

The “complete first season of The 100” has just arrived from Amazon! Julian is going to rip it tonight (copy it onto the File Server) so that my favourite eldest daughter and I can watch it tomorrow when she comes over. I wish I could remember which episode we were up to, though! Luckily, I think Lee has it noted down somewhere… (ahhh… coffee!) Mind you, I’m not quite sure how much of it we’re going to see – our cleaning lady will be bustling around with the (extremely noisy) vacuum cleaner and the (somewhat more silent) mop. I’m wondering if we shouldn’t see if she can do the cleaning every week while the apartment is going to be “Open For Inspection”… Flipper does shed a lot of hair…. 🙂 poor little girl – she’s not going to like it one little-itty-bit! Her furniture will be… gone! And a lot of new furniture that doesn’t smell right it going to be there instead! Daddy’s “Patting Chair” might not be the recliner she’s so used to hogging, and horror of horrors – worst of all – every time the apartment is going to be “Open For Inspection”, she’s going to be bundled up into her much hated, despised, and detested cat-carry cage, and carted off next door! She’s probably going to scream her head off, which may alarm – but hopefully not turn off – the prospective buyers, and will almost certainly displease the neighbours, whose apartment we’re going to be hiding in whenever the apartment is going to be open! Oh dear… Julian was wondering if we shouldn’t see if the Vet will give her some Clomicalm “for the duration”, but I said no… whenever we’ve had to give it to our cats, for whatever reason, it’s “zombified” them, made them dopey and miserable, and really hasn’t done anything much to alleviate the problem that led to its prescription in the first place! I think she’ll be alright, as long as we’re with her and reassuring her, and if we can stick as much as possible to her usual routine. She certainly won’t be happy, and she’ll probably yowl a lot (which she tends to do, anyway!) but I’m sure she’ll survive the move, and the lead up to it (says she, crossing all her fingers and toes! (have you any idea how hard it is to type, with all your fingers crossed?!)) We’ll all get through it… 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Well, I went down one point, to where I was the day before yesterday, at 85.3kg, which is a lot better than going up another notch! However, it’s only five more days until I go on the fluid retaining pills again… :/ (and it’s only twenty six more days until I see Dr. Y. again – c’mon weight, shed! Pretty please, with chocolate icing on top!)

(I finished my coffee 😦 ) I’ve been spending a bit of time looking up Australian Mist breeders, too – but looking at the lists I’ve found so far, an awful lot of the sites are defunct, or haven’t been updated for years… Not a good look!  So then I thought of my Raycee Marmalade (a spotted Tabby Point I had many years ago, from my Chocolate Point girl, Siwa) and I thought – what about a spotted Tabby Point? So I thought I’d look up my old club – The Royal Sacred Siamese Cat Club, and I can find lots of references to it being in Doncaster, and one map which claims that it’s within walking distance from here! There’s a phone number (lots of phone numbers, actually!) but no website or other tangible information. I shall have to investigate further, if I want to go that route looking for “spotted” cats… But that’s a job for another day. And that’s about it from me for tonight – but do drop back again tomorrow night, to find out how my weight went, if Nox has made it safely into Freemarch, and how many episodes of which shows my favourite eldest daughter and I watched 🙂 But until then, I shall once more beg you all to bee good, remember that whatever you believe about yourself on the inside will manifest itself on the outside; don’t forget to keep warm, drive carefully, and look after yourselves, but most importantly…. remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂