Winter’s log, earthdate 201506.07

*There has been an update to the “As Seen On…” page today…

Well, there was no house viewing today – apparently my comments last night about living in the Caulfield area have been taken to heart 🙂 It’s not that I’m against living there, it’s just that everything, and everyone I know is from over this way. So, anyway, we spent a good part of the day Rifting, drifting, and swimming down the watery avenues of the Goboro Reef, smiting nasty mobs with tentacles for legs, and other ones that look like black and pale green caterpillars. We did have a late start to our gaming, though, as I had a call from my favourite youngest daughter, Kate. She and her husband Terry are going through a pretty rough patch at the moment – his eldest daughter from a previous marriage turned 21 the other day, and it’s hit him very hard that he’s had to miss it. His ex-wife has been bad-mouthing him and telling their two daughters lies about him ever since they separated, telling them that he didn’t love them and that he wanted nothing to do with them. She also made sure that she made it almost impossible for him to have any access to them, by changing times and holiday plans at the last minute, and only making them available to him, again, at the last minute, when she knew he had to work. Anyway, the poor guy hasn’t been able to get in touch with his two daughters for years now, despite all attempts, legal and otherwise. She keeps moving, and not giving out their address; has denied him access to their Facebook pages when they were still young enough to be managed and manipulated by her, and of course, over the years, the lies she’s been feeding them about him not wanting to know them or have anything to do with them seemed to be confirmed, in their eyes. And for years, he’s suffered anxiety and depression because of this. He does love them, very much indeed, and it’s really hurting him badly that he’s missed out on all the milestones in their lives – 16th Birthdays, 18th Birthday, and now his eldest’s 21st Birthday. Not a single, solitary word has he heard from them, nor has he been able to get a single solitary word to them. They think he’s an uncaring and neglectful father, but he’s not – far from it! I don’t think there’s anything that he wouldn’t do for those girls… He’s sought legal advice in the past, but is afraid to do anything that “might make things worse”. So he’s in a terrible state at the moment, and so is my poor, favourite youngest daughter, because she loves him, and she has to live with his pain. It’s a mess. So, if anyone has any advice or solutions to this rotten problem, please feel free to let us know! Things can’t get much worse than they are, right now… Anyway, Kit-Kat and I had a very long talk this morning, and we started Rifting close to lunch time.

Neither of us died during our massacrations (I just made that word up! It’s a good one, isn’t it! OK, well I think it’s a good one! The root word, of course, is “massacre”, and I’ve added the “ions” onto the end because it’s sort-of an action – as in something that one does, like “procrastination”, or “dedication”, etc. 🙂 ) …anyway, neither of us died during our massacrations today, though Julian came close to death a couple of times, and my pet died once – unfortunately we didn’t actually go up a level, but once again, we came close to it – I think I have about two-thirds of a “bubble” to go before I turn 61, and himself has slightly more… but it was a good bash, and hopefully we’ll be able to get another hour or so in tomorrow, seeing as it’s a Public Holiday an’ all. I received an email from my favourite eldest daughter this morning, giving me the names of all her characters on both Laethys and Hailol, which I’ll add to my “Friends” list, so I’ll know when she comes online – then I’ll be able to invite her into the Guild. In return, I sent her a list of all my characters on both Laethys and Hailol, so that she can add them to her “Friends” list and can “whisper” me if I haven’t noticed her (a “whisper”, in both Rift and WoW is sort-of like a private message, in real time) Lee will be over here next Tuesday – we both have a Hairdresser appointment – and I expect that she’ll be very early. Julian has an appointment with the Smoke Detector person at 11 o’clock, so when he started arguing about it the other day I just said “Look! I’ll come with you when you go to pick up Lee, and you can drop us both off at Doncaster Shoppingtown, and then be on your merry way to your appointment. We’ll hang around until it’s time for our appointment, and you can come and pick us up when you’ve finished! What’s so hard about that?! Problem solved! (*Men!*)” As it turns out, he should be well and truly finished with the Smoke Detector person before our Hairdressing appointment, so there won’t be a problem. And that’s what we’re doing on Tuesday 🙂 Which reminds me – I must ask Lee (or perhaps I should be saying that I must remind Lee) to send us that list of episodes she wants downloaded, so that we don’t run out of things to watch on Tuesday afternoon! Julian and I have our last episode of “Elementary” to watch tonight – the last episode of Season 2 – and I’m not sure what we’re going to watch after that – I was thinking I might start him off on “Person of Interest” – I think he’ll like it, and I wouldn’t mind re-watching it! But, we’ll see…

Weigh-in this morning. Not Happy Jan! I went down three points! From “up one” to 88.3kg. yesterday, to down to 88.0kg. today! Oh, I am definitely not looking forward to the spike I’m going to suffer, tomorrow or the next day! 😦

So there it is – “My Sunday”, by Winter. Julian booked his flight to Adelaide this morning. For Wednesday morning. He’ll have to leave here at around 5.00am so that means I’ll have to be up around 4.00am :/ Still, what can one do, but roll with the punches! It won’t be a fun day for me, but it’ll be an even less fun day for him… and Thursday morning will come. It’s almost time for my evening Stair Walk (do you realise that I do a total of 384 stairs a day? 384! This time last year I wouldn’t have been able to even climb six stairs, I was so terribly overweight and unfit!) so it looks like this blog is going to be another “split” one. I really must start writing earlier (though that’s not really possible on a Sunday!) And as for my new blog – I’m starting to have trouble remembering what I called it! (no, not really – but you get my drift, I’m sure!) and I am getting quite anxious about getting on with it… There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

 We watched the last episode of Season Two of “Elementary” this evening, followed by last Friday night’s “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” – naturally, being the last episode of a Season, “Elementary” ended on a cliff-hanger – I think we might have to try to get hold of Season 3 “by any means necessary”! I had to go and look all that up – I thought we’d been watching Season 3, but it wasn’t, it was Season 2 – what confused me was that the site I was looking at had the episodes listed from last (episode), at the top of the page, to the first (episode) at the bottom of the page! For goodness’ sake, who lists things from last to first like that, anyway! Especially when you’re looking for episode summaries! Grrr! It means you get all the spoil-e-r-s…. (*brightly*) what a good idea! All episode lists should be written with the last episode listed first! 😉 Anyway, drop by again tomorrow night – find out if my weight has spiked yet, and see what we got up to on our long weekend! There’ll be lots of news and gossip, so don’t miss out! But until then, at least try to bee good, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups, and alwaysalways, take care, drive carefully, and please… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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