Winter’s log, earthdate 201506.09

*There is another short update on the “As Seen On…” page – this time from Goodreads – one of their Quotes of the Day…

I’m starting late again tonight – my favourite eldest daughter was over today, but we didn’t get much time to watch much of anything – just two episodes of Orphan Black! We both had Hairdressing appointments this morning, at 11.45am, so we weren’t finished until almost lunchtime, and then there was a bit of shopping to do – so by the time we got home it was almost two o’clock, and I hastily raced off for my Stair Walk before lunch. Then we sat around and chatted about – oh, lots of things really, and we debated whether to set Lee up on Julian’s machine to play Rift, so that she could bring her characters in, one by one, so that I could bring them into the Guild. We decided against it in the end – it could have become “awkward” if she’d become “Coin Locked”. “Coin Locked” – this is what happens when the Rift server decides that the password of the person logging on doesn’t correspond to their usual IP address (or something) – it allows you go log in and play the game, but it won’t let you access any Banks, whether your own or a Guild Bank, and it won’t let you sell anything, either to a Vendor or on the Auction House. What it does do is send you an email with a randomly generated number code that you have to type in to “unlock” your access. It’s a security precaution, and I think quite a good one – you must have access to your email, proving that you are who you say you are. So anyway, we decided to leave the Guild business until tomorrow – Julian will be off having a wonderful time in Adelaide (not!) so I’ll have plenty of time. She’ll ring me when she’s ready, and we’ll go through the process of getting everyone into the Guild and promoted to the appropriate level. After that, I’m in two minds – should I muck around with Rift? or should I muck around with graphics, and go through a few more templates for this blog. We’ve been so snowed under with everything lately that all our plans for a different blog host have sort of… melted… along with getting the rest of the forms ready for my change of name application – it’s no-one’s fault, we’ve just been busy :/ We did have a bit of good news today though, regarding finances – it seems that we will have ample funds available to be able to write out a deposit cheque on the spot – if we do bid (and of course, win) on a house Auction. The long and short of my options tomorrow: (1) I can look for a better blog template and fiddle with graphics, (2) I can ignore the world and Rift away to my heart’s content all day (or until I get bored), or (3) I can try to watch as many episodes of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” as I can, and free up a lot of space on the Foxtel box. Decisions, decisions! Of course, I could always say “Bah!! I can’t decide!” and stomp off in a huff – and just sit and read for the rest of the day (actually, you know, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea! Maybe I’ll do just that! 😉 ) What would any of you do, if you were me? But getting back to today, we ended up watching two more episodes of Orphan Black, and the plot is thickening up to the consistency of thick, creamy, custard – with lumps of mud in it! At one point I couldn’t watch the screen – I had to hide behind my scarf, because I thought that a totally gorgeous cat was going to be most cruelly tortured, or killed, by a really nasty and creepy sod – but it was alright, in the end the cat survived unscathed – but its owner caved in and gave the vitally important documents to the really nasty, creepy man. I would have done the same – I don’t care how “vitally important” the documents were, I couldn’t let any cat – let alone my own precious baby – be harmed, if there was any possible way that I could prevent it! I can’t wait for the next episode… 🙂

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

Well, here I am again – that’s what happens when I get a late start at this… Oh well, better late than never, as they say in the classics! Well, I said earlier that my favourite eldest daughter and I went to the Hairdresser this morning – she had a much-needed haircut, and I had my usual wash and blow dry. The last time I went there was last Friday – it should have been Thursday, but events at the time forced me to re-schedule. Anyway, I mentioned that I thought that the red in my hair was fading a bit, and the girl recommended that I use a particular conditioner containing madder root – she said that it would tint my hair a soft “pastel” pink, and bring out the red in the other bits. Now, I don’t generally use conditioner in my hair as it tends to make it even limper and finer than it normally is, but being a trusting sort of soul 😉 I bought some of the shampoo instead (it only comes in 1 litre bottles!) I hadn’t had a chance to use it yet, but they used some of the conditioner in my hair today… and hot damn diggety doggy, did it turn my hair the most beautiful shade of deep rose with dark rose highlights! It’s gorgeous! I think that shampoo will be used quite a bit! 🙂 Lee’s hair looks much better after a good hair cut, too 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Well, it looks like the “spike” is moving in slow motion at the moment. It’ll probably speed up a bit tomorrow… I went up another point today, from 88.1kg to 88.2kg. But it’ll probably go up to either 88.3kg – or 88.9kg tomorrow… 😦

We’re going to try to have an early night tonight, as we’re going to be getting up so early in the morning. Which will probably play havoc with my weigh-in, so if my weight’s really gone up a lot, I shall blame the 4.30am weigh-in and totally discount it. If it’s gone down, I shall declare that I must always get up at that time to weigh myself, because that’s when I do best on the scales! 😉 So I’m sorta hurrying this along a little, as I still have to process my Minions and do my “nightly humiliation” Crossword Puzzle. I call it my “nightly humiliation” mainly because I have utterly no idea how it works out its scores… Some nights, I make a lot of typos, and/or straight out mistakes, but still get a high score. On other nights, I’m quick, make no mistakes, and get a low score… and every now and then, I’ll make lots of mistakes, but be quick, and get a middle of the road score… so I dunno… but I make a point of doing one every night. I like jigsaw puzzles too, and I should try to get back to doing them online – they’re much less messy online! 🙂 The place is going to feel very empty without Julian tomorrow – Flipper will be quite distraught, with “Daddy” not around to pat her all the time – after wandering around crying for about half an hour, she’ll probably try to sleep through the “Dreadful Daddy Deprivation Debacle” – that’s what she did last time Julian went to Adelaide for the day, anyway! 🙂 So that’s about it from me for tonight, but drop by tomorrow night and I’ll be able to fill you all in on what transpired in Adelaide, what my wretched weight decided to do to me – go up, and be discounted because it was too early for an accurate reading? or whether I’ll be getting up at 4.30am from now on because I seem to weigh less then..hmmm.. interesting concept… And you’ll learn whether I Rifted, found a decent, working template and worked on the graphics for it, watched as much “Survivor: Worlds Apart” as I possibly could in order to clear out the Foxtel Hard Drive, or simply curled up somewhere and read… but until then, please continue to bee good, remember that criticism is prejudice made plausible, and that moral indignation is jealousy with a halo, but above all, remember to take care of yourselves, drive carefully, and most importantly… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂